Thursday, July 12, 2012

Clark's 18th Birthday Dinner

On Clark's actual birthday July 12th, we went out to dinner at Tokyo Steak House in Round Rock. While we waited for a table, he opened gifts from me and Ed.
  He got a light up umbrella,
 a personalized spiral notebook,
 a Star Wars Catina Band T-shirt, along with some LED bike spoke lights and a personalized pen and sticky note set.
 The fun part of going to the Tokyo Steak House is the show!! The chef can make a mean fire on the grill!
 The chef does all kind "tricks" including throwing eggs in the air and catching them without them breaking!
 In this photo, Clark, Jessica and Nanny watch the show.
 Ahh! I heart you out of rice!
 The onion volcano!
 Yummy! Look! Nanny is using chop sticks!
 And so are Clark and I!
 Shrimp!! Yum!
 Let's not forget the birthday song for Clark and another boy at our table!
 He got a strawberry ice cream sundae and a fortune cookie for his special day!
 We all had a fun time and enjoyed great food.
Happy 18th birthday, Clark!!

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