Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nashville Family

Mason, Dane, and I made a quick weekend stop in Nashville to visit family on our way back from Legoland.  

We stopped by to see Papa Charles and Molly for a moment.  We visited for a little while in the living room, grabbed some lunch at CiCi's pizza, and then said our headed out to see the rest of the family.
We even got to visit with my Granny Opal for a little bit over the weekend.  It was good to see her since I haven't seen her in quite a while.
Then we drove over to Grandma Karon's to spend the afternoon. 
Before too long, Uncle Don and Uncle Tom met us, along with Cousins Haley, Jenney, and little Andy.  Mason couldn't help clowning around some with his uncles.  Dane decided to instigate a tickle-fest wrestling match, which he promptly lost to his uncles. 
After talking through all the goings-ons in the family, we did a quick run-through of downtown Nashville before heading over to Incredible Dave's pizza place.  It's like a cross between Dave & Buster's and Gatii-land.   Definitely a hit with the kids.  I remembered to bring the camera in to get lots of good pictures of the boys with their uncles, cousin, and grandmother. 
Uncle Don and Andy say hi.  Haley lurked in the background, one of the very few pictures where she was unaware that she was being photographed. 
Tom and our niece Jenny
Clowning around while waiting for a table.  Tom said he needed a hug.  Dane was quite tickled by that.
Jenny didn't want to miss out on her hug either.
Another candid shot of Haley with Tom's lady, Nikki.  After this point, if the camera came out, Haley went into duck-and-hide mode.  Nikki also spent some time attempting to hide before we explained that it was inevitable -- we would get pictures one way or the other.  Quite a lovely young lady, though:  working on her doctorate in physical therapy, if I have my notes right.
Mason gives a helping hand to his cousin Andy.
And Dane photobombs as Nikki ducks away -- too slow.
Nikki enjoying her dinner.   
Andy and Uncle Don grin for the cameras.
While waiting for the pizza to arrive, Jenny very bravely decided to try the bungee-jumper.  Whee!  What a rush!  She flew so high, she nearly smacked her head against the roof!  Super-girl!
Even the on-lookers were thrilled by her aerial feats.
We stopped back by Grandma Karon's apartment for a few minutes after leaving Incredible Daves.  As we head home for the night, Haley ducks from the camera one last time.  

The next morning we met my Aunt Annette and Uncle Steve at Shoney's for the Sunday brunch.

Their son, my cousin Daniel, and his wife Karen joined us.  Daniel showed off the newest member of the family.

Dane always seemed to have the giggles.  He must be laughing at all the silly stories that Aunt Annette told him about when I was a boy.  None of them were true, of course, but her stories are great entertainment.  I wouldn't believe a word of them, Dane.  Not a word. 

After breakfast, we stopped by the Parthenon to take a quick look.  It was closed that morning, so we didn't get to enjoy the museum, but it was still fun to run around the outside.

Dane runs along the edge of the Parthenon.  Yes, that's him, that little teeny-tiny blip in blue.

Uh-oh, another attack of the giggles.

That's hard work running up and down those steps.
Daniel's daughter Gracie came along with us from Shoney's to the Parthenon.  I snapped this photo of her on the park grounds next to a very lovely waterway.

While there at the Parthenon park, I did see an interesting yellow mushroom growing among their ornamental plants.  It was sufficiently different that I thought it was worthy of a picture.
More giggles.  Good grief, child.  You are certainly one to enjoy life.
Mason practiced his "Parkour" moves at every turn.  Here he leaps a picnic table with grace and ease.
And here he leaps a park bench.  The bench was unusual in that it had seats that faced both forwards and backwards.  Perhaps to encourage strangers to engage in conversation.  Nonetheless, it was no obstacle to Mason.
Saying goodbye to Grandma Karon.  We had to head back to Texas that afternoon.
We had a very wonderful trip to Nashville to see my family.  We all hope to go back again soon.


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