Saturday, July 7, 2012

Acting Camp

Dane and Lizzy attended Acting Camp in downtown Austin this week. It was part of the "Austin Children's Theater" summer program. They LOVED it! ("It was AWESOME," Dane says.) It was a full day camp with many creative activities every day-  acting games, dancing, art, blocking, etc. The theme of the camp was World Explorer's so they were also learning about history.

Each day the kids were broken into small groups for the activities. Without even knowing it, when they played the acting and imagination games, they were writing their group skit that was performed on Friday for parents.

Dane's group focused on the Marco Polo and Marie Curie. Below is a map they drew that went along with the group skit
 To my delight, Dane had the most speaking parts in his group.... probably because he can memorize so quickly. He was one of two scientists that created the scientific machince that brought Marco Polo and Marie Curie back in time to meet.

He begins by setting the scene for the audience.
 Dane and fellow scientist (his camp friend named Calder) try twice to get their machine to work. They have success on the second try.
 The girl in purple is Marie Curie. The girl in the pink apron has a hurt arm.
 Enter Marco Polo, in the brown hat. He uses his boating skills to get the group together so they can row across the water to the nearest hospital. Here are several cute pics of them rowing.
 They made it just in time.
 Now all they want is lunch!
 The end!
Here are two small snippets of video. Hard to understand but it's a little something! 

Here are a few pictures of Lizzy's group skit. Their skit was about Lewis and Clark  and Louise Boyd. Lizzy had a dual role, a Nasa employee and a moon mouse.
 The fight scence.
 Success! They saved the moon!
A final call for all camp actors and their counselors. There was lots of cheering and hooting from the audience!
 Dane can't wait for next summer. He wants to go back.... maybe for 2 or 3 weeks! 

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