Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday with Haley

Wednesday was day 2 at Sea World for Haley, Dane, Vanessa and myself. Since we had a free day on our tickets we went back for shows and rides. The first show that we caught was the Shamu show. Once again the kids sat in the "splash zone" while I sat up higher to stay dry. Here are some pictures from this killer show! (Get it? Killer show? Killer whales?)
 The kids are seated right in front of the stream of water that is shooting out of the ground as Shamu swims by.
 And this is what Shamu gave them! Big time splash zone!
 One of the rides that I could get a picture of was the Rio Loco. Here come the kids! The girls are in purple and Dane is in a white hat.
 Lunch time at the Rio grille.
 The kids played a couple of board walk games. At this game Haley and Dane won "medium prizes" and Vanessa won a "medium" and "small prize."

 In the duck pond game, all three kids won seals.
 We stopped at the seal and sea lion area. Here Dane and Vanessa look through the glass at the sea lions down below. You can see one in the water.
 We bought a tray of food so the kids could feed them. I missed Vanessa feeding her part but caught Dane and Haley with fish in the air.
 Mama and baby
 From there we went to the Sea Lion Stadium for the Cannery Row Caper Show. You can see the kids in the front row watching the pre-show character. Those crazy kids were in the splash zone yet again!
 Show time!
 We stopped by Dolphin Cove for a hands on experience. They are so beautiful!
 Ha! Thought this one was going to swallow the camera!
We left the park as it closed. Half way home I got happy meals for the kids to eat while we finished the drive back to Pflugerville.

On Thursday, we slept in!! Once we came to life, Haley gathered up her stuff and packed. We taught her to play "Chicken Foot," and had lunch at the house. We said our goodbyes and Ed took Haley to the airport. We enjoyed our visit with her!

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