Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday & Monday with Haley

Uncle Tom flew home to Tennessee on Sunday evening. On Sunday night, we had a house full of kiddos. We went to Schlotzsky's while Clark was working. He was able to clock out for a short while to have dinner with us.

Papa Charlie and Clark
 The kids table
Here is breakfast on Monday morning.
 Papa Charlie had a late morning flight back to Tennessee. I managed to get a picture of him with the four grand kids that were here.

After Papa Charlie left, Clark and I loaded up two cars full and went to Jumpoline City.
These group shots are hilarious! No words needed!
(lf to rt- Rachel, Ally, Clark, Mason, Dane, Haley, Vanessa, Jessica, Lizzie)
Just the girls- still hilarious!
 Mason tries his hand at lifts. Good luck girls!
Now we know why we call Clark "Superman!"

After all that bouncing fun, we came home and had a movie night with 7 kids and Ed.
Heaven help us! Ha!

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