Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday with Haley

Tuesday was Sea World Day 1! Michelle and I took this group of kids to San Antonio for some cool fun at the Aquatica Water Park, Sea World's newest attraction. But first, a group pic in front of Sea World's front gates.  Dane helpfully points out their location on the park map.
Just inside the front gates we run into none other than Shamu himself! You know we had to stop for a picture with the famous Killer Whale!
The camera stayed locked up in our locker most of the day but I did get a few shots for the blog. Here, Haley was going to sit with the others to do a group slide. She got to the top and slipped so she went down ahead of the group.
Then Vanessa, Lizzie, and Dane went down the slide.....
... and they all met in the pool!
I got some shots of the kids getting onto a tube slide. Thumbs up from Dane!
Vanessa is next!
Lizzie and Haley line up for their turn!
Lunch time!
After lunch, we went back to the water park for more water fun.
Around 5:00p we gathered everyone up and headed to the ICEE place. 
Yummy, cold, and they could mix their own flavors from the 10 choices!

For our last activity of the day, we caught the "Azul" Dolpin and Beluga show. The kids sat in the "splash zone" while Michelle and I sat in the "smart people zone."

About 15 mins before the actual show starts, a funny and entertaining pre-show takes place in the audience and on the dancing water blocks. The picture below shows the character from the pre-show getting water dumped on his head, and 3 of our kids in the bottom left hand corner! Sweet! Below that are some show pictures. Not bad for the little point and shoot I had taken along.
The kids posed with the girl performer that hung from the hoola hoop and did tricks in the air.
They also posed with the pre-show character and one of the costumed divers.

Meanwhile, Ed took 6 teens to Schlitterbahn for a day of water fun.
Mason, Jessica, Rachel S, Ed, Rachel M, Ally, Clark
They met up with Granlally and Grandad for lunch.Then they played the rest of the day away.

Later that evening,  we all met up at Mama Cita's Restuarant in New Braunfles for dinner. 
Table for 16 please!~

Mason and Rachel
After a yummy dinner, we all drove home to Pflugerville where we promptly crashed and burned! That was one long, full, fun day!

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