Sunday, June 10, 2012

Graduation Party

Back at the house, the graduation party gets underway with lunch.
 O'ma got the royal treatment!
Time for a few posed shots with the graduate!
 Everyone gathered around for the video and slide show. The first part was videos of congratulations from family, those that couldn't make the trip and those that could. It was a great way to include everyone, and have a piece of recorded history for Clark.  Some videos were touching.......
......and some were hilarious!
 Next was a slide show presentation of pictures of Clark from all different ages of his life. They were set to touching music- 1) Baby Mine, Bette Midler 2) Lullaby, Billy Joel 3) Beautiful Boy, John Lennon 4) Forever Young, The Pretenders. Yep, there were some tears shed and some laughter.
Cake Time!!
Three layers of yummy vanilla and red velvet (Clark's favorite cake flavor!)
Present time!
Clark received lots of thoughtful gifts and cards.
 And some funny gifts like water guns in a gift bag marked "College Survival Kit."
 And handy gifts like laundry items!
 And fun gifts like dominoes!
 Once a bow head, always a bow head!
 Whoo hoo! Bed sheets and blankets! He is set!
 Microwave cooking!
 A giant fortune cookie- from his mom and dad!
Inside the giant fortune cookie was this message- "Congratulations, Clark! Your families are extremely proud of you. You can't imagine the sense of relief they are experiencing. Confucius say, 'This would be a most opportune time to ask for money.' "
Abigail and Jessica both new graduates!
Nanny and Poppy

Nanny and Aunt Laurie try out the cake!
 Busted! Papa Charlie was caught sleeping during the party! lol
 In the back yard, for the kids, was a moon bouncer.
Andy and Tom??  I guess I did say for the KIDS!
Swinging away the afternoon!
Chilling on the back porch!
The whole day was a beautiful event that lifted Clark up in love and celebration.
Congratulations, Clark!
 PS- Oh, don't forget your parting gift! Clark bars and Clark water bottles!
Out of the 48 that were made, we had two left over!

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