Saturday, June 9, 2012

Clark's High School Graduation

June 2, 2012 was a big day for Clark. It was his high school graduation day! Graduation was held at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin. Twenty-one people, made up of friends and family, came out to see Clark walk across that stage!

Here, Haley and Dane wait to go into the seating area.
Papa Charlie scans the graduation program.
This is what we see while we wait for the ceremony to begin. Love it!
The program!
The graduates take their seats.
Hendrickson Principal, Devin Padavil, begins with opening remarks.
PISD Superintendent, Charles Dupree, speaks.
Look! There is Jessica on the screen as the choir performs.
Even though these pictures are not the best (we were sitting high up), I am going to post them anyway. This was Clark's big moment. His name was called to a loud cheering from our group of 21!
This picture was taken by a friend who had access to the stage area. 
She sent me the photo with her photography company logo on it.
Clark stops to have his professional picture taken. I caught him leaving the area.
The ceremony is coming to an end.
We happened to run into Clark as he was exiting the building. 
We took some pictures with those that were still gathered with us.
A big hug of congratulations from Nanny.
Since photo bombing is the thing right now, you will get to see lots of it in the next few pictures!
 Watch out Uncle Tom!
The proud graduate!
Clark and Jessica
Clark and Mom (me!)
What a proud day!
From there we headed home to start the graduation party! Whoop!

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