Saturday, May 12, 2012

Soccer Referee

For the last few years, Mason has been refereeing soccer games to earn some extra spending money.  This past weekend, May 5th, he ref'ed his last game for the 2012 spring season.  I snuck down to the fields as the game began to take a few sneak shots of the working man.

Watching the teams take their place.
And the game is on!  Gonna have to run to keep a close eye on the action.

OUT!  Blue team's ball.  Corner kick.
OUT again!   Silver team's ball.
And the throw-in.  Were both feet on the ground?  Gotta watch for that.
A score!  Write that one down in the game log.  Then set up for another kickoff.
 OUT again!  And don't sass the ref, lady!  

He makes good money as a Grade 8 soccer referee.  Last fall he typically earned over $50 each Saturday for ref'ing 2 or 3 games.  This spring he had a much busier schedule with school and drumline, so he didn't have as many opportunities to ref.  Even so, he still did pretty good.  At an hourly rate, it's much higher than McDonald's pay.  I think it's a great lesson in the earning potential for skilled, certified work experience and knowledge!  Congratulations, Mason, on another successful soccer season.  May you have a great fall season!

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