Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rookie Week

The Hendrickson High School band invited all the incoming students for the fall to join them this past week (April 30 -  May 3, 2012) for "Rookie Week" to give the new students some exposure to band life.  Mason will be starting 9th grade there this fall, so he spent his afternoons last week learning the school fight song and getting a sneak peek at next year's performance ("Doctor Atomic").  

Here are a few pictures from the public performance on Thursday, May 3rd, in the high school gymnasium.  Hendrickson became a 5A school this year, and the size of the band certainly reflects how big the school is getting.

Mason and Kelsey chatting before warm-ups for the public performance.
And the warm-ups begin.  The kids were gathered in circles according to instruments, and the older students were guiding and correcting the new students. 
Simon warms up on the trumpet.  Simon will also be going to Hendrickson starting in the fall.
Joel (below) and Mason have known one another since 3rd-grade.  They ended up at different middle school, but they'll meet up again as a part of the saxophone section in the Hawk Band next year. 
Mr. Gundersen signals for the band to take their places for the performance.
Even so, not all of the band was focused on the band director as they should have been ...
And the music starts!  The performance this year is taken from a modern opera about the coming of the nuclear age when the first at atomic bomb was exploded at Los Alamos in 1944.

We attempted to take a video of the performance but did not seem to have enough disk space left to get more than a few seconds.  Perhaps next time.  Or perhaps that's incentive to come to the performances this fall!  Mason is really looking forward to it!

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