Saturday, May 19, 2012

HHS Spring Concert

Tuesday, May 15th was the Hawk Band Spring Concert and Senior Recognition Night.
Clark had a big crowd to cheer and support him.

Clark was in the Jazz Band. They performed 3 songs. 
They were very enjoyable.
Here is the Wind Ensemble under the direction of Mr. Gundersen.
Clark is in the back on the left side.
Here is our friend and neighbor Abigail.
And our friend Kayla.
Applause, applause!
Next was the senior recognition part of the program. All the seniors were brought forward. The band director read things about each student like their greatest accomplishment, their plans after high school... the seniors had filled out the information about themselves.
One at a time the seniors step forward to be recognized. 
Kayla's turn!
Abigail's turn!
Clark's turn!

The pictures end here but the celebration didn't. After all seniors have been recognized they returned to their seats in the band for their final song, "The Echo Never Fades." While the band plays this beautiful slow song, a slide show plays above them showing each senior's baby picture and senior picture. Here are the two pictures I sent in for Clark. (He is 12 months old in the baby picture.)

As their pictures are shown one at a time, the seniors leave the stage and come to the audience, where they had saved two rows of seat. Once all the senior had left the stage, they turned to face the audience for a final time. What happened next is best learned in a response to an email I sent to Renee Kesselring. See below-

At the Spring concert, I was surprised I only shed a couple of tears during the slide show (baby and grad pics). As soon as the music ended and the seniors turned to face the applauding audience, I completely lost it. I mean full out SOBBING!! And then I saw Clark wipe a tear. That did it! I knocked parents over to get to him. We hugged and cried (okay, blubbered) for what seems like an hour. He and I were both hot messes at that point. Red puffy eyes and wet faces!

I can only image how the day of graduation will go down! I need to be sure to have Kleenex on my person at all times! Ha!

It's true! Sobbing, blubbering, red eyes. All true!

I want to add something touching that Ed said in a email to me.

The concert the other night seemed to be the first time for me that it clicked in a deep way that he is now a man, that he is moving on with his life.  Everything has been so busy at home and at work for the last several months that I haven't had time to absorb the impact of his upcoming graduation.  I've been locked in the notion of him just being a kid in school with a part-time job for gas money.  Seeing him up on that stage that night really brought it home that he's going away to begin his adventure, and I couldn't be prouder of him than I was that night.

Thanks to Nanny, Grandlally, Grandad, and the Monica family for being there!

I'm going to go wipe the tears I have just from writing this blog!

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