Thursday, May 24, 2012

Duetshenfest Parade

On May 18th, Ed, Michelle and I took the kids to the Duetchenfest parade in Pflugerville. The photographer in me took over and I shot way too many pictures! Oh, well! I'll only comment on the ones that mean something to me.

Here Ed and the kids are waiting for the parade to start.
Trista, Kennedy, Lizzie, and Dane
The parade begins with the Pflugerville Police Department.
Here is the Highland Park Dare officer.
 The kids were excited to see her in the parade.
Here they come! 
The PCMS Drumline, in their last public performance!
Mr. Bailey is on the left. Mason was shifted over to big Bass Drum for the parade because one of the bass drummers broke his arm.
Kennedy and Lizzie caught shirts that were thrown out from one of the floats.
Candy, candy everywhere! The kids turned into candy monsters as most every float threw candy as they went by.
Here comes the HHS Hawk Band! Whoop!
And my favorite trombonist is on the right! I love that he looks so happy and is having a grand old time! (Truth be told, he was laughing at me out in the street taking pictures. He realized I couldn't find him even though he was right in front of me. He got a good laugh out of it!)

This was Clark's last public performance as a member of the Hawk Band.
This clown stopped and asked me to take his picture with the kids. Of course, I obliged! Too cute!
This next series of 8 photos make me laugh. The kids had turned into full out candy monsters and were yelling for candy or whatever they happened to be throwing out. This particular truck had beach balls. The kids went nuts yelling for one to be thrown their way! Watch the kids make their way to the truck. Notice Dane gets side tracked by candy on the ground! LOL
Even more candy!
The last parade car, or is it a small tractor, is so cool!
The candy monsters clean up the other side of the street, never mind their bags are so full they are beginning to rip!
My babies enjoyed the parade too. They dressed up in their finest red bandanas for the occasion!

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