Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Diversity Day 2012

Friday May 11, 2012 was Diversity Day at HPES. Different from the Diversity Nights in the past, this event happened during school hours allowing all students to attend. Somehow, Dane managed to get into the lederhosen Grandlally made him when he was in first grade, so that he could be in the Diversity Fashion Show.

Here is Dane and a classmate before the diversity performances began.
 Mr. Lubman MC'ed the event. 
Here he is introducing the youngest group of Ballet Folklorico dancer at HPES.
 Here is the older kids from HPES Ballet Folklorico.
 Vanessa is a 4th grader at HPES that takes Ballet Folklorico with a local dance studio. 
She is so good! I love how the dress moves!
 One of our own 2nd grade teachers is in this group of women performing a Ballet Folklorico dance. Way to go Ms. Muñoz! (she is on the far right of this pic)
 The HPES Step Team performed as well.
 Here is Dane in the fashion show representing Germany with other kids dressed to represent Europe.
The special guest were the PCMS Drumline. They marched in with a bang!
Here they perform on the HPES stage. They are always a popular act!  
Mason and the 3 other kids from Drumline that attended HPES for elementary school, came on stage for a round of applause. Mr. Lubman asked if any of them wanted to say anything and Mason stepped up! (He is his mother's child!) The funniest moment was when Mason said, "It's good to be back where I started from!" It made him sound like he was a 50 year old man returning to his place of origin!
 After their performance, I got some group pictures of the last ever PCMS Drumline. Sniffle!
What a fun day for everyone! I'm so pleased that my boys participated in this event!

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