Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3rd Grade Awards

Dane raked in the awards today at the HPES End of Year Awards Ceremony. He received "Play 60," "All A Honor Roll," "Perfect Attendance Spring Semester," (not sure how that happened! ha!) "Most Dependable," "Fall AR," and " Spring AR" certificates. Because he earned his AR goal both semesters, he received a medal! He rocks!

Here are pictures from the award ceremony. His teacher, Miss Truong, is at the podium while Mrs. Scott hands out the award packet.

 Dane and classmates line up on the stage after getting their award packet. 
Dane and Raven spend some time checking out their AR Medals. So cute!
 Dad and Nanny pose for a proud picture with the freckle faced cutie!
 Dane and Miss Truong- we will miss her next year.
 Class Picture
 (minus about 6 kids that left right away with their parents.)
Dane has had a great year! He rocked 3rd grade!

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