Sunday, April 29, 2012

Picnic Party

Mom and Ed organized a picnic-cookout party in Mom's neighborhood park on Bull Creek. 
It was a beautiful day in a beautiful location.

While Ed and Cecil got the grilling under way,
there was some badminton playing,
some croquet playing,
 some tree climbing,
and some rock jumping.
Along with human guests, we had some k-9 guests!
and Andy.
Time for food,
and more picture taking!
Cake time! 
Well, peach cobbler and strawberry Big Red cake time!
 Let the games begin! Again! Hit that birdie!
 Hula Hoop anyone? Go, Michael!
 We got out a new game called Bocci Ball. Way fun!

After a few guests left, a few of us sat by the water and chatted. 
I took some nature shots.
We watched some fly fishing.
 We watched some wild animals, too!
Happy birthday to ME!

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