Monday, April 30, 2012

Amazing Jonathan

I was driving home about 2 weeks ago when I heard the tail end of a radio commercial for the local comedy club. I called Ed and left a message that said, "I think I just heard a commercial that said Amazing Jonathan is coming to Austin. But that can't be. He has a permanent stage show in Vegas." Nonetheless, the first thing in the door, I looked up the comedy club web site and sure enough I had heard correctly! I was sooooooo excited! I immediately got on the phone and bought tickets.

You see, we have seen Amazing Jonathan and his side kick, Psychic Tanya, on TV many times. Amazing Jonathan is a comedic magician who is raw and edgy. Tanya is a ditsy blonde assistant. I am a fan just from his TV performances. Actually, Ed and I are fans.

I asked the gal that took my ticket order, how they got him to come to Austin. He hasn't left Vegas in 5 or 6 years. She said he was coming as part of the 1st ever "Moon Tower Comedy Fest" and that they had to jump through hoops and call in favors to get him here. No doubt!

We had tickets for the Friday night 10:30 show. We went to dinner at Macaroni Grill before hand. During the meal, I was very excited. All I could say was that I wanted a picture with Amazing Jonathan! And guess what, I GOT THREE!!!  Woo-hoo!

While we were in the bar area waiting for the earlier show to get out, Nicki asked a guy that they know who works there, about getting a meet and greet. He told her to get that you had to have bought the $800 VIP all fest pass. Whatever! In the next 15 mins the first show let out. To get to the exit they had to pass through the bar area. In the middle of the bar was a merchandise table. Guess who came out to the table to sign autographs? Guess who had brought a little point and shoot camera and cut the line to ask for a picture? Did you doubt me?? lol
I was so giddy at this point! I could barely contain myself!
So all the girls went back for a group pic!
Not to be out done, Ed went in for a pic with Tanya!
Jonathan didn't even notice! Ha!
Since I had purchased reserved seating, we had GREAT seats! We were center stage, two tables back.
On the stage-
Here is the group waiting for the show to start. Only one of these pics has the grouping correct but we are all buds so what the heck!
 The show was so flipping funny! I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe at times! Other times, I was laugh crying! Seeing them live was 10x better than watching them on TV. Vegas, anyone??

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