Sunday, April 1, 2012

80's Day & Dance

Friday, March 30, 2012 was 80's Day at HPES. Dane went as an 80's punk rock drummer. Notice the "mom" tattoo. Bad boys love their Mom's! That's right!
Here is Dane with classmates Micheal Jackson, Madonna, and Cindy Lauper
(aka: Nathan, Amaya, and Ms. Truong!)
The dance was held on Friday night.
We met up with Lizzie and Bailey in the parking lot.
First thing in the door, Dane was mobbed by his adoring fans! Ha!
(Emilie, bailey, Kennedy, and Lizzie)
A little dancing with friends.
Concessions with Emilie.
The next picture are so freakin' cool!
I call them, "Dane in freakin' cool lights!"
Click to make them bigger for the full effect!
Nanny came to the dance to pick up Dane. She got into the light fun too.
Dane had a fun time hanging with friends at the 80's dance!

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