Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Cub Scout Campout

Ahh, a Cub Scout campout.  What more can you say?

For the 2012 Spring campout, Cub Scout Pack 711 went to Camp Tom Wooten in Bastrop, very near the Lost Pines Boy Scout Reservation.  The campout was just one night, but it was still a lot of fun.  We arrived on Saturday, March 17th, and left out again on Sunday morning, March 18th.  This was just a "Dane & Dad" adventure.  Mom and the brothers had their own stuff going on.

Here's a few shots of our adventure.

Setting up the tent.

Tent's up, getting ready for a hike.

The hike destination:  Fort Houston, the BB gun range

The Bear Den Leader, Mr. Villareal covers BB gun safety.

And the shooting begins!

And he hits the mark!

I don't know how this picture wound up on my camera.  It was clearly photoshopped.

Dane tries his hand at fishing.

A game of Ga-Ga ball.  Like dodge ball, but you must roll the ball.

After supper, Dane had some dishwashing duty.

The campfire.

Leaving camp, we had to cross the wooden one-lane bridge.

Watch out for that hole, Dane?  And why are you evnen driving?

Aurgggh!  He hit the hole?  Hope the van doesn't break the boards and fall in the river.

And some interesting wildlife as we were leaving!

(for Shannon)

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