Saturday, March 10, 2012

Black History Oratorical

On Thursday, March 8, 2012, Dane performed for his elementary school's Black History Oratorical contest.

With some help from Mom, Dane selected a great poem entitled "Grandma" by Saul Williams.

To get to perform in the Oratorical, Dane had to perform in his class and be selected to move on. The next step was to perform in front of a judge and be selected to go on to the Oratorical event. The day time Oratorical was in front of the student body and four judges during the school day. And lastly, the night time performance was in front of four judges and a cafeteria full of people! Each of the four times Dane performed, he was scored (as was everyone else.)

Thanks to Glen Huschka for the following video!

I took a bunch of pictures, as yearbook photographer and Dane's mom! The first few pics are during his actual performance.

After all the performances, the judges left the cafeteria to tabulate the scores from all four performances. The top scores in each grade level would get a trophy.

When the judges came back, the called each grade level participants to the stage. Dane lined up with the other 10 third graders. Mr. Medina read the winners names. Dane's name was the first to be called! His classmate, Zion, was happy for Dane, and was hoping to hear her name-
She won a trophy too!
These are the third grade Oratorical winners!
Nicholas, Jermaine, Zion, and Dane
Picture of best buds Lizzie, Kennedy, and Dane!
Celebration pictures!

And a happy dance picture! Congratulations, Dane!

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