Monday, February 20, 2012

Roller Skating Party

For Dane's 9th birthday, we had a roller skating party. It was held at Austin Sports Arena in Round Rock. We had the party early due to scheduling conflicts over the next few weekends. Nonetheless, we had a great turn out of guests and a ton of fun!
The birthday boy!
Sarah and Courtney
Diego, Sarah, and Adrian
Nancy and Rachel
Ed and Nicki give Abigail a helping hand.
Ed, Kennedy, Nicki, Emilie, and Rory
Courtney, Ed, and Clark
Dane (skating backwards), Sarah, Lizzie, and Diego
Ed and Clark
Time for the pizza!
Time for the giant birthday cookie!
Time for presents!
Dane received a great variety of gifts!
He was one happy and excited boy!
Kennedy, Dane, and Courtney end the skate party with one last picture!

Happy EARLY birthday, Dane!

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