Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cub Scout Parade

Dane took part with his Cub Scout pack in the annual "Report to State" parade in downtown Austin just a little over a week ago (Saturday, 4 Feb 2012). Each year the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts march up Congress Avenue to the State Capitol to present the Governor a report of all the Scout activities throughout the past year.

This year Cub Scout Pack 711 from St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church, Pflugerville, chose a unique way to participate: they rode in an amphibious "duck" boat/truck. You've seen these, I'm sure. Drives down the street, floats on the water. Vroom, Vroom.

The pack thoughtfully arranged for a neat way to be in the parade and also a take a little side trip in Lake Austin at the end. Dane had a blast tooting his "duck call" for the 12 blocks from the bridge to the Capitol. Then the Duck turned the corner, and they took for for a spin around the lake. I only saw the dry land part of the tour, but Dane tells me it was a cold dip that morning.

Here they come up Congress Avenue, 60 Scouts quacking away.

Dane's got a mouth full of quacker as he passes. He's wearing a jacket to keep out the cold, standing directly above the "life preserver" logo.

Our fearless Den Leader Eric and his son Aiden (left in the black hat) wave to the crowds.

I caught up with them once more just as they turned the corner at the Capitol, as you can see from the rotunda above the bus. I wasn't quite fast enough to get another snapshot off. They were already racing away to hit the lake!

Dane reported that he had a great time. He spent the rest of the weekend repeating duck driver's joke that "Mo-Pac" got its name because it's "mo' packed" than any other highway in the state. Hardy-har-har.

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