Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Year's Eve Karaoke Party

We decided late in the game to throw a New Year's Eve party. Even so, we had a good turn out for a night of karaoke, pool, Wii Just Dance, games and Xbox play. Mason had a big turn out of friends too. Most of the pics are of the karaoke fun even though adults made continuous rounds upstairs to check on the young teens.

We told everyone they had to sing at least one song, solo or in a group. I think everyone but maybe one or two shy teens did.
Mason, Bryan, and Eric look over the song list.
Eric and Mason sing, "Carry On."
Emma and Rebecca sing.
Kennedy was our adorable New Year's Eve poster child!
Sharky, Lisa, and Terrence sing, "That's What Friends Are For."Clark belts out some Weird Al Yankavitch.
Foreigner groupies, Nicki, Shannon, and Christie sing about "Dirty White Boys!"
It's "YMCA" time!
Hit is Bob, Sherri, Jessica, and Tia!
Everybody can do the "YMCA!"
Ed and Bob take a turn.
A big group means a Journey song!
Busted Emma and the girls gabbing in Mason's room!Apple to Apples is such a fun game, just ask Helen, Zeke, Clark, Dane, Kennedy, and Trey!
Shannon, Christie, and KaylaAs Uncle Terrence watches Trey and Lisa decide "Who Let The Dogs Out."
Mandy and Ed join in!
Michael and Ed croon away at old country tunes.
Terrence, Eddy, Shannon, and Nicki- Watch out American idol!
Teen group shot!
Everybody sh0t!
Out in the front yard, Bob gives us the count down- 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Happy New Year!
There was lots of whooping, cheering, silly string, poppers, and New Year's joy going on!

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