Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Giving

Again this year, we "adopted" kids from Trinity CDC, but this year there was a twist. I got my bunco group involved so that we could also adopted all the teacher's kids too. All in total was 26!

I was very nearly able to clean out my toy closet to make sure that each kid had at least 5 gifts to open. That combined with what my bunco ladies and personal friends donated to the cause saw all kids with at least 6 gifts but most had even more than that! I am so proud of the giving that put smiles on the faces of kids who would have had nothing without our help!

Michelle and Nicki helped wrap in what ended up being a long 3 day wrap-a-thon. Then each kid's gifts were bagged together to help keep it organized.
On delivery day, Nicki and Kennedy plus all my boys helped fill an empty van and SUV completely up with gifts!. Awesome!
I mean really full!

Gloria let us in to the sanctuary at the end of the CDC. We unloaded while she sorted them by family, placing bags for siblings on the same rows. Gloria also gave us a quick tour of the classrooms.
Here is a fun shot taken inside the sanctuary. Santa's helper's feeling silly!

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