Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Big Pumpkin Skit

For the 2012 HPES Talent Show, I put together a skit for Dane and his friends Kennedy, Lizzy, and Rebekah. Pulling from two stories, Big Pumpkin and The Giant Turnip, I ended up with a skit for four.

Rebekah played Farmer. Lizzy played Smarty Pants. Dane played Muscle Man. Kennedy played Girly Girl. The skit had humor and a lesson! And the kids did really well the night of the show!!

Here is the Farmer planting her pumpkin patch.
All she wants is a piece of pumpkin pie for an upcoming picnic!
She ends up growing a big pumpkin, perfect for pie making!
Now she tries to pull it off the vine. No luck!Just then, along comes Smarty Pants.
Maybe, using book smarts, she can get the pumpkin off the vine?
She tries to pull the pumpkin off the vine. No luck!
Just then, along comes Muscle Man.
Maybe, using muscles, he can get the pumpkin off the vine?
He tries to pull the pumpkin off the vine. No luck!
Just then along comes Girly Girl.
She is so cute and little. What could she possibly have to offer?
Girly Girl has an idea! She whips the group into a line......
They pull all together... SUCCESS!
They pull the pumpkin off the vine and just in time for the picnic!
The moral of this story is- With team work you can accomplish anything!

Click HERE to watch Grandad's recording of the skit!

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