Saturday, December 24, 2011

Guitar Recital

Mason performed, for the first time since he started guitar lessons at the Pfluger School of Rock, in the December recital. He performed "Holiday," by Green Day, on electric guitar.
Mason had a good crowd cheering for him- his parents, his brothers, Grandad, Granlally, and Jessica.

Piano Recital

Dane started taking piano lessons in August when school started. He is taking from the same teacher that Clark and Mason took from, Mrs. Kesselring.

On December 12th, Dane participated in his first piano recital. He had a good crowd to cheer for him- his parents, his brothers, Nanny, and the entire Monica Family. The song he played was "Up on the Housetop."

Mrs. Kesselring is close by as Dane plays his song solo and from memory.
Dane and Mrs. Kesselring play the same song as a duet.
Ta Da! All done!
Dane did a great job and didn't appear to be one bit nervous!

Christmas Bingo

In 2010 we held our first kid's Christmas Bingo. Apparently, it was so well liked that the kids (mine and friend's) started asking about it for this year. Not wanting to let them down, we held our second annual Christmas Bingo on December 11, 2011.

Trey, Dane, Kennedy, and Vanessa check out the prize table!
A few reminders about the rules, including everyone can wins 3 prizes. After the third prize, they can play for fun!
Let the games begin!
Ian is not getting the numbers he needs, hence the look! ha!
Lizzie picks a prize!
Overhead shot!
Trey gets the prize he wanted most!
Dane got a number he needed!
The mom's took turns calling.
Jessica scores some lollipops!
Here there, Ed and Andy! What's this? Bromance, maybe?
Vanessa's smile says it all, FUN TIME!

Drumline at UT Game

On December 6th, 2011, the Parkcrest Drumline performed at half time for a UT Men's Basketball game. Dane and I drove down to the Frank Erwin Center to watch them.

As it turned out, Dane and I ended up on the wrong side of the arena so the Drumline's backs were to us. Thanks to a friend and the jumbo screen in the center of the court, I have some Mason shots to share!

Just seconds into half time!
The Drumline kids are lined up on the right side of this photo ready to march in.
And the crowd goes wild as the Parkcrest Drumline is introduced!
On the jumbo screen....
the snare line (Mas is 4 kids in to the right)
That's my boy!The Drumline marches off the court after an exciting performance.
Way to go kids! You rocked the Erwin Center!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Wind Ensemble at the Capital

Mason and the Parkcrest Wind Ensemble played a holiday concert at the Texas State Capital on November 30th. It is always a special treat for the kids to play there. The acoustics are so beautiful in the rotunda. The band sounds so rich and full! Ed and I enjoyed it tremendously!

The PCMS under the directions of Rick Lucio.
The fabulous saxophones!
A close up of my musical boy!
From two floors up, the band!
Mason had a solo in a piece called, Homeward Bound. I was up above him when he played. BRAG MOMENT: As it happened, the assistant band director was also on the floor that I was on. When Homeward Bound ended, she said unsolicited, "That boy plays some beautiful saxophone." I said, "Well, he really loves it and practices a lot at home." She said, "He is really good at it." How nice to hear!
Ed and Mason
Since the capital performances are a middle school activity for 7th and 8th graders, we won't have another one with a Limbaugh performer until the year 2015, if Dane follows in his brothers footsteps!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dress Like an Alien Day

Thursday, December 1st was Dress Like an Alien Day in conjunction with the "Out of This World" book fair going on at Highland Park.

Grandlally made Dane a super shiny, silver and orange "Space Ranger" outfit just for the occasion. Ed helped wrap a hard hat in tin foil. The result? An adorable space ranger ready for action!

Here is Dane with his teacher who was also dressed up!
As in previous years, PTO sponsored a dress up contest for the staff. We had collected gift certificates from various restaurants and were able to award 7 prizes! I took pics the day of and then on Friday, Nicki and I went around to all the classes, with poster boards showing all the staff costume photos, so the kids could vote on their favorite costumes.

On Monday, Nicki and I went on the morning announcements to announce the winners live and with flair! The winners were-
Ms. Dominguez, our librarian
Ms. Thakkar
Ms. Truong (Dane's teacher!)
Mr. T
Ms. Solis
Ms. Rodriguez
And Bookfair Committee favorite-
Mr. Reyna
What fun and creative staff we have!

Academic Night

On November 30th, 2011, Highland Park held an Academic Night. Grandad and Granlally joined Dane as he took in the games and hands-on science activities.

They also visited the Book Fair going on in the library. More on that soon in another post!

3rd Grade Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving, Dane's class celebrated with a classroom feast. It included all the traditional food plus.

For the feast, the kids make head dresses to wear. Here is Pilgrim Dane with a couple of pilgrim classmates followed by Dane's whole class and teacher.

Saturday Night in Orlando

Saturday Night in Orlando was a big night for Clark and Mason. You see, while they were at Universal Studio Park earlier in the week, they had noticed an advertisement for a rock concert that included "Five Finger Death Punch." Both Clark and Mason liked the group so they were foaming at the mouth to go. Ed and and I decided to let them go for two reasons- 1: the tickets were reasonably priced 2: the venue was enclosed. Oh, yes, there was a third reason- 3: we could hang around Universal Citywalk, which meant we were close by, onsite, really.

So, Saturday night, we all go to Universal Citywalk. Clark and Mason grab something to eat from the fast food section and head over to Hard Rock Live. Ed, Dane, and I decide to take in a movie at the giant theater. We watched Puss and Boots in 3-D. It was cute. After that, we walked over to Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Restaurant. There was a long wait so we opted to sit on the patio. Besides immediate seating and yummy food, we had full view of the Hard Rock Live building.

I didn't take my camera along for the evening but I did take a photo with my phone of my margarita. Being at Margaritaville made me feel obligated to have a margarita. I had a very delicious Pink Cadillac Margarita!

After dinner, Ed drove Dane and I back to the hotel. Before Dane crashed, he had a little fun with Mason's Shrek. That is one hip Shrek if I ever saw one!
Dane got in bed and tried to dodge the camera. But I am faster than he was and got this really cute shot! Love this face!
Ed went back for Clark and Mason who were giddy with excitement after the concert! They even bought concert t-shirts! But once back at the hotel, they crashed quickly. After all, we had a flight back to Texas to catch the next morning.

We had a great trip, thoroughly enjoying our time as a family, tourists, and thrill seekers!