Monday, October 31, 2011

New Bike

In a quick week's worth of time, Dane went from not having anything to do with his bike, to trying our his little bike with training wheels removed, to a brand new bike that he would ride 24/7 if he could!

Dane figures out how to ride without training wheels on his little bike.
His brand new bike came to us by way of a friend's sister. She had one in her garage that had never been riden, and we had a kid who needed a bigger bike. We traded two her a 12 pack of beer for it!

Now Dane rides his bike to and from school every day except Wednesdays, which are piano lesson days. He LOVES getting to do this!

Pflugerville Pfestival of the Bands

Every year Pflugerville ISD hosts a night in which all the middle and high school bands come together to perform for each other and parents.

This year was special as it is Clark's last year with the Hawk Band and Mason's last year with the Puma Band.

Here is Mason with the Parkcrest Puma Band playing pep songs from the stands.

Mason, Simon, and Joel
They have been friends since 3rd grade. Next year they will be back together again in the Hawk Band.

Here is Clark with the Hendrickson Hawk Band, performing their 2011 marching show, Cathedral.

Clark had a part in the small ensemble.
He is center in the pic below.

The grand finale this year was an appearance by the UT Longhorn Band!
What a treat! Hook 'Em!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mason turns 14

On, Saturday, October 1st, Mason turned 14 years old. Instead of a big friend birthday party, he chose to get a new smart phone. So he got a new Galaxy phone and we took family friends to Jumpoline Park for trampoline fun and Moonie's for burgers.

It is hard to get good pics at the Jumpoline Park, but Ed tried. Here are some of the better ones! Don't ask me!
Group Shot!
Moonie's Burgers was our next stop. We ate yummy burgers and sweet potato fries! Mason opened his presents, too. Then we came back to the house for a musical performance by Mason and Emma!
Emma made a yummy vanilla birthday cake for Mason. Sooooo sweet of her! We all enjoyed it!
Watch out behind, Mason!
Happy Birthday, Mason!

Drumline at Fiesta

On September 26th, the PCMS Drumline performed at St. Elizabeth's annual Fiesta. It was fun to see them march over from the school. Everyone stopped when they heard the drumming- and believe me, everyone heard them coming!!

Here are some of the best pics of Mason, before, during, and after.

I caught him talking with his section before the show.
He looks stern but that is part of the look, having attitude.
The snare section.
The kids marched back to their school gym for a few quick announcements from Mr. Bailey.

Back-to-School Dance

HPES PTO brought back the Back-to-School Dance, after a one year break. It was a bunch of fun for the kids!

Dane got his groove on in a conga line.
He also played the hula hoop game. It was a lot like Hot Potato. You don't want to be the one holding the hula hoop when the music stops.
Here he waits for the music to start.
And he is off-
He steps through it-
And passes it on-
Dane also enjoyed glow sticks,
and concessions!