Friday, September 16, 2011

Asian Adventure

Last Sunday, Shannon, Nicki, Michelle, and I went on an adventure! We went to a place on Lamar that is a big Asian shopping and eating area. There are probably 30 shops plus one giant market there.

We started with lunch at TC Noodle House. We all ordered something that was new to us. It was fun to try and taste everyone's dishes. And we even got free dessert out of it, again, something we hadn't tried.

Here are pics taken on my camera of the meal!
Michelle and I taught Nicki and Shannon to use chopsticks!
One was filled with vanilla bean paste and the
other was red bean and coconut paste.
Very interesting!
The after-math!

Next we walked over to the Asian Market. We spent a couple of hours walking and looking and asking about all the unusual things we were seeing!
Outside of the market was a fountain and fish pond.
Michelle! We just got here! What are you buying?? Oh, wait, that isn't your cart? This picture was taken just to text to your husband to freak him out? And did it work? Oh, yes it did! I heard your phone ring right away! Too funny!Thought of Ed when I saw this! :-)
Fried puffy fish skin... no comment!
Noodles anyone? There was a full isle, the length of the store, with both sides full of noodle packages! If you could imagine it, they had it! I bought some purple sweet potato noodles. Michelle bought some pumpkin noodles.
Saw lots of shrimp in various forms. Dried shrimp is a big deal, apparently.
Produce, including my new love, fresh lemon grass!
(on the right of the picture below)
Not cucumbers!
Jack Fruit! Sharp to the touch. I don't know much about it but
I did see it once on the Food Network show, "Chopped."
Don't know what these are, but they are beautiful!!!Ice Cream!
There were four of us, four flavors, and four pops in a box, so we each bought a box and gave each other one. We were all able to try one of each flavor that way.

The Mango and Thai Tea flavors were sooooo delicious! However, none of us cared for the Ube+Bean or the Red Bean pops. Those two had actual beans in the ice cream! Messing with the extra creamy texture of the pops with whole stringy beans is not cool!

It was such a great day! We talked, stretched our comfort levels, explored, and laughed! The only thing that could have made the market experience any better would have been samples. There were so many things we had never seen, heard of, or tasted. Next time!

And there will be a next time for me. So far, that is the only place I know of to get fresh lemon grass which is a key ingredient in my Tom Khan Soup (Thai).

Our Pups

I took these two pics of Andy and Ellie while in the car on the way to a park for a walk. They were so happy and excited! I love these two pics!

Once home, they took a nice long nap in the middle of my bed! Love my babies!!
Nap Time!

Senior Homecoming Mum

I have gotten so many blog hits with people looking for instructions on mum making or ideas for mums since I wrote two blog posts about mum making last year. With that in mind, I took more step-by-step picture this year, as I made Jessica's senior year mum!

Step 1-
Spray glitter spray paint to the mum.
This gives it some sparkle!
Step 2-
Paint the letter "J" for Jessica.
This is a special Styrofoam called "smoothfoam."
We cut it in half so it wouldn't be too heavy.
Add sparkly star stickers.
The "J" is then hot glued to the center of the mum.
Step 3-
Cut ribbon to make the cone shaped edges on one of the card board circles.
(The card board circles come 3 to a pack.)
I layered two colors for this look. The silver ribbon has texture.
Have lots of staples on hand!!
Continue stapling on cones until you have a complete circle.

Step 4-
Staple on the ribbons.
Cut them long!
There is no particular way but I prefer some symmetry.
Step 5-
Cut ends so you have a layered look.
Step 6-
Staple a looped piece of ribbon to the top.
This is where the mum gets pinned to the garment.
Step 7-
Hot glue mum to card board circle with the ribbon. Then hot glue the third card board circle to the back. This third circle keeps the garments from being ripped by the staples.

Step- 8
Add embellishments and bling!
I added stick on diamonds, star stickers, and music note stickers to solid plain ribbons and embellishments like a mini disco ball, a silver football charm, etc.

Step 9-
Stand back and enjoy your creative handy work!
Step 10-
Photograph the lucky girl who gets to wear the fabulous mum
and the boy that is behind it!
Happy homecoming Jessica and Clark!

My friend, Shannon, made a mum for the first time ever! She spent many hours in secret, at my house, working on it over the course of a few days. I am so proud of her first mum, I have to show a picture!
And best of all, she had a great time creating it!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Symank-Richter Family Reunion

Once again, we made it to the Symank-Richter Family reunion in Crawford, Texas. Jessica came along as our guest. There were 102 people in attendance.

Here are some of the pictures from day.
The boys and Jessica with Cousin Matthew.
Family visiting.
Time to eat! Look who is first in line...!!
I guess being the oldest female at the reunion gets you some perks!
(For the record, O'ma is 96 yrs and 9months and proud of it!)Pinata time for the kids.
This is Crawford, Texas. Don't blink!
We had to leave at 2:00pm sharp so that Clark could make it to work on time.

Photo credit to Ed for the reunion and pinata pictures!