Friday, August 26, 2011

First Day of School 2011

This year, Clark is a Senior!! Whoop! Whoop!Clark and his car.Mason is an 8th grader.
Our neighbor, Kenneth, has been riding to school with us.
I got one shot of them walking to the school building.
Dane is a 3rd grader.
Dane's new back pack and matching attached lunchbox.
Abigail, Kennedy, and Dane in the foyer of the school on the morning of the first day of school.
Dane and our principal, Mr. Medina.
Dane and his new teacher, Miss Truong.
Happy days!

Marching Band Parent Night

Last Friday night, the HHS Band invited parents out to see what the teens had learned during summer band. First they played some football stand tunes. For this part, Clark was on his trombone. (He is the second boy in.)
Next, they played the marching show music.
For this, Clark was on his baritone.
I like these next three shots. The kids have marched a section of the show for us and then have to return to they beginning dot. Ed took three pictures in secession of Clark ( and other band members) running back to his dot.
The last part of the night was a lot of fun. Each band member is asked to bring a parent or sibling out on the field to teach them a few steps of the marching show. Ed and I have both participated in this in the past years so this year Clark went straight to Mason. It was fun to watch the big brother teaching the little brother!
Clark shows him how to hold the baritone at attention.
Then he shows Mason where to stand.
Then Mason gets to try a few steps on his own!
(This was really fun for Mason who will be a member of this band next year!)
It was a fun night for both boys, and we are so proud of Clark with all his band success!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gummi Bear Birthday

A few weeks ago, I woke in the middle of the night to find Ed sitting on the edge of the bed with his back to me. I could see his arm moving up and down in a chopping motion.

I asked him, "What are you doing?"
He answered, "Trying to stop them from breaking down the wall I just built."
I asked, "Stop who?"
He answered, "The gummy bears! They are trying to break my wall down!"
I paused for a moment then said, "Maybe you should just eat them."
Ed laid back down and went back to sleep.

The next morning he said, "I had the strangest dream!" I thought for sure he was going to tell me about the gummy bear dream, but no! He told me about a dream in which he was driving a potato truck through Georgetown when someone stole his bike out of the back. A crazy chase involving him and Clark, also on bikes, chasing the thief ensued.

I laughed as I told him about the gunny bear dream. To which he said, "You are making that up. I didn't say that!" But, he did! Who could make up that kind of crazy story in the first place?

So, for Ed's birthday, we latched on to the gummy bear dream and ran with it! We bought him gummy bears to eat, a gummy bear t-shirt, and the boys decorated his cake to represent the gummy bear dream. This all happened at his birthday party that we had on Sunday.

Friends, food, fun, games, and gummy bears- oh, my!

Dane drools over 6 feet of ham and turkey subs!
Mason and Mom play the "Gummy Bear Song."
The boy decorated the top of the cake including 4 stripped candles for each
10 years and 1 solid candle for one year.
Ed gets a kick out of the cake!
Clark lights the candles.
The birthday boy makes his wish and blows out the candles!
A gummy bear t-shirt!
Gummy bears to eat!
Michelle and Nicki are multi-taskers!
They can cut, pass out cake, and pose all at the same time!
Uh, oh! They must be down to the last piece! Ha ha ha!
Sharky and Andy chow down on cake!
Kenneth and Alvin dig into their cake!
Shannon, Michelle, Sharky & Andy hanging out at the bar.Betty and Crocker show off a piece of cake (that neither of them made!!).
Grazing at the bar!
Christie and Michael pose all smiley!
Caught Rebecca and Cecil doing the same!
Clark grabs another slice of ham sub on his way out the work.

Happy 41st birthday Gummy Bear Killer, Ed!

Credits- Shannon Sheppard for photos

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cousin Haley's Visit- Day 6

On the last day of Haley's visit, after she was packed, Uncle Ed was able to sneak in a few hours of play at the little Pflugerville Water Park.

Ed took the camera and was able to get a few shots. By the looks of it, the kids were swimming and playing, "dodge the camera." 24 out of the 30 pics are dodge shots!

Here are a few good ones.
Mason and Dane navigating the current pool.
Haley coming down the slide.
Mason coming down the slide.
Dane hits the water after coming down the slide.
Clark, Haley, and Dane under the waterfall.
Mason photo bombs!

After the water fun, it was time to load the suitcases in the van and head over to the airport.

Remember the smurf that Haley won at Fiesta Texas? Well, we ended up wrapping it in double black trash bags and duct taping it securely, hoping to send it as check in luggage. When we got to the check in counter, the guy helping us looked at the "package" and said, "Ummm, what is this?" Haley said, "It's my smurf." The guy paused for a hot minute and then said, "Well, I think this is my first time to ever check in a smurf!" That made us all laugh!

We were able to walk Haley to her gate and watch her get on the plane. But we couldn't let her leave without a loud Texas goodbye! So after the ticket taker took Haley's ticket and she took her first step onto the loading ramp, we all yelled out, "Bye, Haley!!" Everyone waiting behind her starting laughing! Haley kept on walking. She was probably happy to be get away from her crazy Texas relatives!!! :-)

We had a fun time showing Haley the highlights of Austin, Pflugerville, and Texas. We hope she will come back next summer- there is so much more to show her!!

And yes, (because I know you were wondering!) the giant smurf made it safely to Tennessee! Haley did, too!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cousin Haley's Visit- Day 5

On Saturday, we headed to downtown Austin with Haley and the Hushcka's.

First stop- Lone Star River Boat Cruise.
We boarded the boat for an hour long cruise down Lady Bird Lake. Man, was it hot! But, we found a bit of cool in the inside cabin. We could listen to the tour guide and still see everything out the windows.
We popped outside for a few minutes to hear the high pitched chatter of the famous Austin bats as we passed under the Congress Avenue Bridge. Second stop- The Hyatt.
No one can visit the Hyatt and not take a ride in the glass elevators! Look closely, you should recognize some people in the elevator picture below!
We made our way to the second floor restaurant called, The Southwest Bistro. They are known for their fajitas and ritas. When we arrived, they were closed and not due to open for 45 minutes. When a waiter saw us hanging at the entrance, he ushered us in anyway. So, in the picture below, you can see that we are the only people in the restaurant. Isn't that special?
Everyone ordered combo fajitas except Kennedy and Dane. While the beef was good, I think the chicken was the best! We couldn't leave without dessert! We ordered one giant brownie and ice cream bowl with 8 spoons. Besides the elevator, the escalator provided some more fun.
Going down? The Hyatt is a beautiful hotel. Here are two pictures of things in the hotel that were interesting to me, the ceiling of the Hyatt and some giant potted plants. From the back porch of the Hyatt, it was a short walk to the Congress Avenue Bridge and observation area for the famous Austin Bats! We did have to wait for almost an hour but that's okay. We wanted Haley to have the Austin Bat experience.

I gave Haley my camera to take some pictures of the bat information signs below. You can read all about the bats if you want!
The Austin bats are a big deal. Look at how many people were on the bridge and sitting in the observation area. It is that crowded with people every night!
Here come the bats!
See them against the sky line between the buildings?Up close!We were glad to get home to air conditioning and showers! Whew!