Monday, May 30, 2011

Pie Happy Hour

We did it again! Pie Happy Hour!!!

We went with friends to Pie Happy Hour at the Texan Cafe in Hutto to celebrate the last day of school. What a tasty tradition!

Here the kids are checking out their choices at the old fashion pie display case. Looks good, but which one to choose??
Mason with his Oreo Pie. He cleaned the plate!
Andrew, Emilie, and Dane enjoying their sweets.
Open wide, Kennedy!
Lizzie and Dana go to town on their pie!
Clark and Jessica love pie!
Noah digs his Choc. Cream Pie!
Andrew loves whipped cream!
Here is a shot of my Toffee Choc. Pie.
Super rich!
Group picture at the big Hutto Hippo!

What a fun tradition! Looking forward to next May!

7th Grade Awards

At the middle school level, the parents get a call if their child is going to be given an award. Guess who didn't get a call but should have????? The parents of Mason Limbaugh! That's who!

Thanks to Michelle, who was at the awards ceremony, I learned that Mason was called on stage TWICE! Once for Outstanding KickStart Student of the Year (male) and The Principal's Award (which is an "all-around" award that a student must be nominated for by staff to be considered).

Ed and I would have been there in a flash IF we had gotten even one phone call! Humpf! And I would have had photos to add to this posting! Humpf!

Nonetheless, we are so proud of Mason for being singled out with TWO awards!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

2nd Grade Awards

Ed and I attended Dane's End of the Year Awards Ceremony. Our clever little boy earned the following awards-
All "A's" All Year certificate
Fall Accelerated Reader Goal Achievement certificate
Spring Accelerated Reader Goal Achievement certificate
Accelerated Reader Goal Achievement for All Year Medal
Writer's Award certificate

We were so proud of Dane for his many accomplishments!

Here are pics of the ceremony-
Dane is awarded his Accelerated Reader Goal Achievement for All Year Medal by Assistant Principal Mrs. Parker while his teacher Mrs. Kimbell reads his accomplishment.

Classmates- Cameron, Dane, and Adrian
The Whole Class poses for a picture!
Congratulations, Dane! You had a successful year!
Watch out 3rd grade- here comes Dane!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Band Banquet

Clark and Jessica attended the Hawk Band Banquet at the Hyatt in Austin last weekend. Before they left, I got some great pictures of them. These are my favorites.
They reported having good food and a fun time at the Banquet.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Deutchenfest Parade

This past weekend was the Deutchenfest Parade in Pflugerville. Dane and I went and met up with the Monica's to watch the parade. We were watching for the Park Crest Drumline and the Hawk Band.

Here are some pictures of some of the parade participants-
Here they come- the Park Crest Drumline!!!! Woot! Woot!

And bringing up the rear, my favorite bass drum drummer, Mason!

Doesn't the lady in the back look like Lady Bird Johnson?
Who is that German clad boy?
Why it is Dane, dressed in his German outfit and snatching up candy!
Cutie pie!
Here comes the Hawk Band! Woot! Woot!
My favorite trombonist is upfront and middle! Yay, Clark!

It was a fun small town parade! Glad my boys could be a part of it!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

HHS Spring Concert & Trombone Chior

Clark has been very excited about one particular thing in band this year-- Trombone Choir! I agree! Finally, the trombones get a chance to shine! And we got to hear them at the Spring Concert on Monday, May 16th. What a treat!

They were really good! Clark had two solos in the piece they played. It was so wonderful to hear Clark stand out!

The Trombone Choir was started by a student teacher named John Mayer. I hear he has applied for a permanent director position with the band. I hope he gets it. It is past time for the largely ignored trombone section to get some attention! Fingers crossed!
Warm Up
Last minute instructions from Mr. Mayer
Hit it boys!
The Soloist!

The Wind Ensemble was really good too. I particularly enjoyed a piece called, "Variations on a Shaker Melody." And as always, the Senior recognition was touching. Next year I really will need a box of Kleenex!

Ok, family and friends, I want a full house of Clark supporters at the Spring Concert next year. Clark will be a senior and I will be a blubbering mess. You don't want to miss either sight! As of right now, the date is on the HHS Band calendar for Friday, May 18th, 2012. Mark your calendars NOW!