Saturday, April 30, 2011

Flashlight Egg Hunt

On Friday night, April 22nd, we held a Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt for our boys and our friends. It was an invitation only event! ::wink::

We met up at the back of our elementary school around 8pm. There is a big open field and a big play scape back there. It is a great place for what we were doing.

Each guest brought a dozen filled egg (or more) and a flashlight per kid. The Limbaugh's brought 7 dozen confetti eggs. We also had a "prize table" and eggs that had a slip of paper inside that said, "prize."

After the adults hid the eggs, the kids were divided up by age. We let the littlest hunters get a head start and worked our way up to the oldest teens letting them go a few minutes apart.

The coolest thing was watching the flashlights move around the field!!! Nicki got a COOL picture!!

After all the eggs had been gathered, the kids opened their loot. There was some yummy candy and some neat toys inside. And I am happy to say that the kids that scored the most "prize eggs" shared with the kids that didn't. In the end, every single kiddo got to pick a prize. Love it!

It was soooooo much fun! The teens and the youngest kids all had a blast. I can see this becoming a regular Limbaugh event!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PCMS Band news

From the Park Crest Middle School Band directors- I have high lighted some parts about Mason and his band. Congratulations, Mason!

The Park Crest Puma Band program has had a very successful

UIL/Solo and Ensemble season!

Our 7th and 8th graders participated in the annual UIL Concert and Sight Reading contest in March. Our Symphonic Band earned a rating of Excellent, both on stage and in sight reading. Honor Band earned a rating of Superior on stage, as well as in sight reading. The Wind Ensemble earning a rating of Excellent on stage and Superior in sight reading.

This last weekend, our annual Solo and Ensemble contest was held here at Park Crest. Out of our 286 band members, 275 students from grades 6-8 played a solo for a judge. 231 of those students earned a Superior rating and received a medal. 37 of those students earned an Excellent rating and received a ribbon. This was the FIRST contest for our sixth graders and they were fearless!!!

Outstanding solo awards were awarded to:

6th Grade: Adam Beckstram (percussion), Cheryl Ocampo (flute), Anna Salcedo (clarinet), Daniel Stacey (trumpet), Joseph Van (trombone), and Devin Walton (saxophone)

7th Grade: Brandon Davey (saxophone), Mason Limbaugh (saxophone), Jessica Martinez (percussion), Taylor Peterson (flute), and Paige Ricke (oboe)

8th Grade: Jessica Brown (flute), Thomas Bui (clarinet), Erica Donnelly (piano), Megan Kemp (percussion), Jordan Luevano-Fanely (trumpet), Sarah Scott (clarinet), and Tradaisa Smith (euphonium)

Outstanding Ensemble award goes to: Erica Donnelly and Tradaisa Smith

This weekend, our students that attended UIL will be competing at the Southern Star Music Festival in Corpus Christi. Our 21 hour day will include a performance from all 3 outstanding groups, time at the beach, and a sunset dolphin watching cruise.

Mr. Lucio and Miss Pinner are very proud of their hard-working, young musicians!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Birthday Week

My birthday fell on a Wednesday this year. On the actual day, I was home all day while the floor guys pulled up, glued, and re-laid the wood floor...... long story! But Mom came over with some ThunderClouds Subs and whole pickles for birthday lunch, so all was well.

That night, the girls took me to the Texan Cafe in Hutto for dinner and pie! Yum! We ended up at Super Target! How awesome is that?

On Thursday night, we all went to Schlotzsky's for birthday dinner. It was also the Highland Park Spirit night so we were able to hang with friends that night too.

Then on Saturday night, the big event! Mom came over to watch the boys while Ed and I, and friends, went to Spaghetti Warehouse for a Murder Mystery Dinner! This time, I took my camera!

The Murder Mystery was called, The Linguine Code. The 5 actors performed the mystery while we were served dinner. At the end, the guests were challenged to figure out "who dunnit!"

The actors in character-
Frederico Fillipo

Rita Rash
Dr. Ernest Morningside
Martha Morningside

Isabella Luna & Frederico Fillipo

The food- Well, Ed's food, anyway!Besides myself, there were two other girls celebrating their birthdays. We were called up and serenaded with a very short birthday song!

It was a fun night, good food, and great friends! And I am proud to say that my whole table solved the mystery correctly! And 4 of us were recognized by name for our great detective work! I have awesomely smart friends!

This evening was special for another reason as well. You see, the building that Spaghetti Warehouse has been in since 1974, was sold and the iconic Austin restaurant has to move . I have fond memories of this place. As a kid, I had an "Old Spaghetti Warehouse" T-shirt. Many family events and celebrations were held here over my life time. Ed and my wedding rehearsal dinner was held here in 1993! And my boys love this place. We celebrated Mason's rock camp concert with a meal here last summer. So, we took a couple of pictures in and around the restaurant for memory sake.

As it turned out, the restaurant was supposed to stay open through Easter Sunday. Instead, we learned upon arrival that the people at the Murder Mystery Dinner would be the last people to eat at this restaurant ever. Apparently, the entire kitchen staff, save one, quit on Saturday morning forcing the closure 2 days early. Luckily, our dinner event was not canceled!

Inside the lobby-

Inside the entrance to the main seating area-

Inside the trolley car that sits in the middle of the restaurant-
Goodbye trolley!
Goodbye Spaghetti Warehouse! I hope you find another location in which to reopen!
My birthday week came to a full circle on Sunday with the New Braunfels family coming up to celebrate with me. We went out for birthday dinner to the Golden Wok. Yumm! I love the Pad Thai with combo meat and a crispy spring roll!

So here I am at another year of age. Since I count backwards now, I am happy to tell you all that I turned 36 this year! Happy birthday to me, Spring Chicken that I am!!

Here is a newspaper article about the Murder Mystery.
The Linguini Code, competing pasta makers are engaged in a comical tale of industrial espionage, and a race for the “holy grain” of pasta. Clandestine maneuvering suddenly becomes secondary when a murder takes place. The audience is challenged to solve the murder, and must also solve a few word puzzles that complete the solution.
The Capital City Mystery Players has been offering their popular murder mystery dinner theatre events since 1991. The troupe produces several different productions each year, all with audience participation and lots of surprises.

Here is a newspaper article about the history of Spaghetti Warehouse-
“The Austin location was the third one in the chain’s history. Opened in 1974, and built in 1902, it used to be a grocery warehouse, and during prohibition, was a brothel. Two chandeliers from New York City’s Penn Station reside there as well as the original box office from Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, California.”

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Texas Sand Fest

This is Mason's first post. Welcome to the blog, Mason!

On Sunday, April 17th, I went to Sand Fest in Port Aransas, Texas with Carly and her family to see all the sand sculptures. It was a really cool thing that I hope I can go to next year.
(I'm going to beg Mom to take us.)

Part of the sand center piece.
The giant octopus sand thing with all the sponsors.
This is the Beatles "Yellow Submarine." A cool sculpture.
Sand Man with his puppy Sandy... LOL...
Carly, Justin, and I pose at store. Look at Carly, she's so short.

Fun in the sun... Surprisingly, I didn't get sunburned.
Picture time at San Juan's Restaurant. I had a chicken quesodillo.
It tasted good.
Made of concrete...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Flying kites

Recently, a couple of my dad friends and I took the kids out to fly kites on a very windy Saturday evening. (The mom friends were all away at their monthly gossip session -- I mean, Bunco game -- to which no men are ever invited.)

Dane's friend Kennedy pulled up with her dad Sharky a few minutes before the moms abandoned us to their chick-fest. Kennedy was sporting a spiffy pink hat that she'd selected specifically to match Dane's. Ahh, a cute couple, no?

Dane and I rode up the street with Sharky and Kennedy to meet Andy and his daughter Dana at the field behind the elementary school. Dane brought 2 "Chinese" kites that Lisa snatch up on sale back in January. We gave a green and yellow Dragon kite to Dana while Dane flew the red Dragon kite. Kennedy brought her own snazzy Barbie kite. Here are some snapshots from that evening.

Just starting out. Dane's red Dragon kite is soars upwards (center, top) just as Dana's kite swoops low, nearly dive bombing into the ground (yellow blur, lower left corner).

Kennedy soon had her Barbie kite flying high.

Sharky and Kennedy (left) caught the wind just right. Dana and Andy recover from a crash landing.

Kennedy twists and turns, contorting to keep her kite aloft by any means possible.

Dane's dragon in full plumage.

Dana gets the wind up under hers and it begins to climb.

About 45 minutes after we started, the kids were bored. The dads took over. Nothing good could come of that, though, and soon enough I tangled my kite with Andy's. They thrashed and swirled around and around as they fell from the sky. How many engineers does it take to untangle 2 kites with 20 foot tails? Just 2, but it takes a really long time.

We eventually got them untangled. A few more minutes of flying, and then we stopped for supper at the local burger joint.

The best part? No moms.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Dane at the Bike Rodeo

About a week or so ago, Dane and I went down to check out the Pflugerville Bike Rodeo!  Each year the Pflugerville Police Department conducts a "rodeo" to teach kids about safe bike riding on the streets.  The kids maneuver through an obstacle course of stop signs, cones, sharp turns, tight circles, and figure 8's.  At each obstacle they are judged with regard to proper hand signals, how well they stopped at the line, whether they rode outside the circle, etc.

Here's a summary of this year's event.

Dane gets a pre-inspection checkup.  Premier Cyclery provided free bike servicing.  (They offer a mobile bike repair service in the Pflugeville area, which is kinda cool.)  Dane got his handlebars straightened and his tires pumped up.

Next stop, bicycle registration.  P'ville's very own Police Chief, Chuck Hooker, reads the serial number from Dane's bike for the registration records.

And he's off!  The first obstacle, weaving between the cones.

Next up, proper stopping technique.  Dane gets a high-five from his police reviewer for demonstrating the proper hand signal and stopping correctly at the sign.

Dane whipped through the Figure 8 obstacle.

Next was 3 times around the circle.  Don't get dizzy, Dane!

And he gets another great score for perfect execution.

Just a few more obstacles now.  "Here's whatcha gotta do. ..."

Piece of cake!  Check out the intense focus on his face.

The finish line is in sight!  Great job today, Dane!

"I did it!"  And then he polished off a delicious grilled hot dog and ice-cold soda provided by the Girl Scouts.

Oh, and we saw our favorite P.E. teacher, Coach Isenhower, at the rodeo.  She sat down for a moment's rest during a volunteer break.  She had practiced the bike hand signals with the kids all week in gym class the week before.

Also appearing at the event was the Texas DPS helicopter.  As we were making our rounds at the rodeo, we had to pause (along with all the other participants) while the helicopter took off to return to work.  It blew up a huge storm of dust.  I thought this series of pictures was interesting.

As the helicopter circled the parking lot, it turned on a police siren.  Everyone instantly looked around for the police car!  Ha!  We were getting the "pull over" signal from above.  A little disconcerting.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes our participation in the 2011 Pflugerville Bike Rodeo!