Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Magic Kingdom Day

The week before Thanksgiving 2011, we Limbaugh's flew up to Orlando, Florida to spend a week of fun! On Monday night, we checked into our two bedroom, two bathroom suite and headed for Downtown Disney. We walked around, window shopped, and planned to return.

On Tuesday, we were up and raring to go!
It's Magic Kingdom day!
Toto, we are not on Texas any more!
We caught the shuttle to the park.
Then we boarded the fairy that drives you to the park gates.
There it is, just across the water!
That most recognizable castle is in view!
We made it to the gate!
And, just in time for the Welcome Show that precedes the opening of the park.
We made it! Let the fun begin!
We paused long enough for a family photo in front of the castle (ordering from Disney Photo, will post when it gets here) and to let me shed a few happy tears! We hadn't been there since 2003. It was overwhelming to be back with the whole family, and this time, Dane old enough to enjoy and remember! I couldn't help the tears!

One of the great things about going the week before Thanksgiving is that it is not crowded at all! We walked on to everything. Even the uber popular Space Mountain had a mere 5 to 10 minute wait. That is just enough time to get your courage up!

Our first stop was Tomorrowland for a ride on the family favorite, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.Before I go on, you should know that we rode almost ever ride in the park except for the baby/toddler rides. So, there won't be pictures of those. There will also not be pics of everything we rode because of motion or flash issues. So the following only shows what we were legally and physically able to get pics of. Thanks for understanding! :-)

Guess who was out and about in Tomorrowland? Chip and Dale.... and Dane! Autograph and picture time!
My favorite ride of the day, rivaling close with Space Mountain, was the Astro Orbiter. I think I liked it so much because it starts out high, goes higher, spins fast, and then when it is nearing the end of the ride, centrifugal force pushes you to the edge of the rocket car in which you are seated. I rode it a couple of times, giggling all the way!

Uh, oh! Trouble! Stitch is on the prowl!
Dane takes a spin in a car at the Indy Speedway.
Guess which ride this is....
Clark and I spun ourselves dizzy. We couldn't get off the Mad Tea Party ride immediately after it stopped, we were so dizzy!
It's a Small World after all...
We went from a happy place to a scary place. The Haunted Mansion is amazing! So much to see and be spooked by. Dane went on it not knowing what it was. He rode with me, sitting as close as he could without being on my lap, death grip on my arm. But I was proud of him. He made it through and was able to recognize there was lots of cool stuff happening with technology. He even tried to figure out how some of the effect were created.
Outside of the ride...
Inside the Haunted Mansion.
One shot, barely recognizable or worthy of the great effects in the house.
Our path took us to Frontierland next. We went straight for Big Thunder Mountain.
Clark posed in front of a prop.
Clark and Ed are ready to ride!
Ed sat in front of us and took pictures of me, Dane and Mason. Despite the bumps, turns, and drops the ride takes he managed to get some funny ones. Check out Dane's face!
Dane's face says it all. Once was enough for him. So the big boys went a second time. Here they come 'round the bend.
We ran into Frontier Donald. Quack!
Dane had a good time playing on Tom Sawyer Island.
We wound our way around to Adventureland. There we rode the ultra cool Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I managed to get off one picture, as we were loading, before the attendant hollered at me, "No flash photography." Gee, the ride hadn't started yet!
We also took a spin on The Magic Carpets of Aladdin.
You can see me and Dane through the trees. Kind of....
What's a day at Disney without a parade?
We caught the "Celebrate a Dream Come True" Parade on the far side of the park.
It's Mickey and Minnie!
Cinderella and Prince Charming!
In honor of my Mother, we popped in to see her favorite, The Country Bear Jamboree. Not the most hi-tech show but a good something to see to kill 20 minutes. (By the way, these pics are all no flash!)
Back in Adventureland, we caught up with Pirate Goofy!
Dane got an autograph and picture.
We took a boat ride through the Jungle Cruise.
As it started to get dusky, we noticed the castle began to take on beautiful soft hues. It is hard to resist the wonderment of the castle and all the imagination it holds.
Before heading back to the front gates, we stopped for a sweet treat- funnel cakes! Crisp, hot goodness! Yum!
Plate licking goodness!
Time to head out!
Bye, Disney! We love you!
Thank you for a memorable family day!

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