Wednesday, December 7, 2011

T-Rex Cafe

For lunch on Wednesday, Dane and I headed back to Downtown Disney. We had reservations at the T-Rex Cafe!

This restaurant is much like the wonderful Rainforest Cafe. They are owned by the same company and both are on the Downtown Disney property. We chose to go to the T-Rex Cafe because we had never been to one. We have been to Rainforest Cafe many times.

Outside the T-Rex Cafe pics-
When you first walk in, you are greeted loudly by this guy!
Once inside there were three rooms in which you can dine. Dane chose to sit in the "Fire Room" over the "Ice Cave" and the "Ocean Room." In the Fire Room, you are surrounded by dinosaurs of all kinds that make noise and move. Every 20 mins, on the ceiling, asteroids and shooting stars dance above your head. Dane enjoyed that!

From our seats, we could see these guys.

We took a stroll around the restaurant and saw these guys.
Remember I mentioned the "Ice Cave?"
We had a great view of it, and were able to watch
the whole cave change colors from time to time. Very cool!
On the back wall of the "Ice Cave" this guys waits to thaw.
After our yummy prehistoric lunch, we walked around Downtown Disney. And wouldn't you know? We ended up at the Lego Store. Dane just had to play so we hung out for a while so he could do just that.
Just outside the Disney Store was this large water serpentine.
Inside the Lego play area, Dane got to work building cars for the Test Track.
And he raced......
and raced!
After all that fun, we went back to the hotel for a short nap (I slept, he watched TV). We even worked in a good hour of swim time in the heated pool before we went to pick up the big boys from Universal Studios.

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