Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Orlando Science Center

On Saturday, November 19th, 2011, we got our nerd on! Orlando has a really neat Science Center. It is very hands on and informative. They have an I- Max theater in there, too. We went to check it out.

Ed and Clark try out a bridge thinker.
Dane builds a house only to find out what happens to a building when the Earth moves under it.
Mason thumps out PVC pipe organ music.
Dane and Ed simulate a sand storm to see how sand dunes are formed.
A beautiful fiber optic peacock!
My favorite thing in the whole museum was this- The idea is to stand very still while the computerized butterflies land on your shadow. However, the second you move they "sense" it and fly quickly away.
It was so cool! I spent a lot of time there.
To Mason's delight, we discovered that a traveling exhibit on guitars was there. They had ALL kinds of guitars on display.
This clear electric guitar was super cool!
There was a giant sized Gibson that Mason and Clark tried to play the guitar using teamwork.
In the Earth science room, there is a giant globe hanging in the middle of the room. You can control what it shows like planets, nature patterns on the Earth, or information about the Earth.
Clark and Mason got dizzy with this next exhibit that you have to spin hard to simulate a hurricane.
Dane and Mason got a chance to be weathermen in a play TV studio.
These pics make me laugh!
They are trying to catch the falling snow flakes in their mouths! Ha!
Oh, yay! They are good!
In the hallway, as you go from one exhibit room to another, there is this cool machine that reads your body and then shows it on the screen. You move, your image moves. The boys thought it was neat.
Last but not least, the dinosaur room!
Hang on tightly, Clark!
Mason controls a robot-dino.
Watch out, Ed! That dino is all boney. You are looking like a good snack!
Dane joins some other kids uncovering dinosaur bones.
As we leave, we walked by the live reptile exhibit that is in the center of the center on the bottom floor. Gators and turtles, oh, my!

We stayed there mush longer than we thought we would. That is a true testament to just how good we thought the museum was.

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