Friday, December 23, 2011

Wind Ensemble at the Capital

Mason and the Parkcrest Wind Ensemble played a holiday concert at the Texas State Capital on November 30th. It is always a special treat for the kids to play there. The acoustics are so beautiful in the rotunda. The band sounds so rich and full! Ed and I enjoyed it tremendously!

The PCMS under the directions of Rick Lucio.
The fabulous saxophones!
A close up of my musical boy!
From two floors up, the band!
Mason had a solo in a piece called, Homeward Bound. I was up above him when he played. BRAG MOMENT: As it happened, the assistant band director was also on the floor that I was on. When Homeward Bound ended, she said unsolicited, "That boy plays some beautiful saxophone." I said, "Well, he really loves it and practices a lot at home." She said, "He is really good at it." How nice to hear!
Ed and Mason
Since the capital performances are a middle school activity for 7th and 8th graders, we won't have another one with a Limbaugh performer until the year 2015, if Dane follows in his brothers footsteps!

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