Saturday, December 17, 2011

Legoland, Day 2

On Friday, we made the short drive back to Winter Haven, Florida for day 2 at Legoland.

The boys rode the Test Track again.
And the Aquazone Wave Racers.
Here Ed, Dane, and Clark try to stay dry!
Mason and Dane gave the Technicycle a spin.
Want to go higher? Then you have to pedal!
The 3 boys teamed up to compete in the Rescue Academy. The first team to pump their vehicle over to the fire, put the fire out, and get back to the starting line, wins. "Team Limbaugh" came in second by a hair!
As I mentioned in the Legoland, Day 1 post, Legoland was built on the Cypress Garden property. From the park, you can walk through a large section on the gardens. We took a long stroll marveling at all the wild and planned vegetation. I took a ton of pictures, getting in great close up practice! Here are some I really like-
Clark met a very nice girl!
She was a little stiff though! (hee hee!)
Dane sat under a canopy in the gardens to slurp on his Icee.
The boys dressed up this Saint statue. Kind of funny!
Seriously, my sons are goofballs!!
Do they think they are praying to the Saint of Swag???Warning! Gators!
Smack in the middle of the gardens, sits the Banyan Tree, which was planted in 1939. It is a spectacle! This tree is special because it spreads out horizontally over a wide area and then send down shoots that attach and embed in the ground and become prop roots. Check it out!
Double photo bomb!
Back in the park, Dane gives Clark a ride on Lego Boating School. Dane was purposefully driving crazy to drive Clark crazy! They had crazy fun!
We hit the boardwalk games and had a couple of winners.
The Island in the Sky is a cool ride that takes you up 150 ft to give you a 360 degree view of the park and gardens. It was a nice way to see everything.
Dane has started collecting the smashed pennies from various places. Here he is smashing a Legoland penny.
By the look on Mason's face, you can tell we were tired and ready to go after a ride on the Grand Carousel!
Bye, Legoland! We are so pleased that we got to visit you!
See you again real soon!

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