Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dress Like an Alien Day

Thursday, December 1st was Dress Like an Alien Day in conjunction with the "Out of This World" book fair going on at Highland Park.

Grandlally made Dane a super shiny, silver and orange "Space Ranger" outfit just for the occasion. Ed helped wrap a hard hat in tin foil. The result? An adorable space ranger ready for action!

Here is Dane with his teacher who was also dressed up!
As in previous years, PTO sponsored a dress up contest for the staff. We had collected gift certificates from various restaurants and were able to award 7 prizes! I took pics the day of and then on Friday, Nicki and I went around to all the classes, with poster boards showing all the staff costume photos, so the kids could vote on their favorite costumes.

On Monday, Nicki and I went on the morning announcements to announce the winners live and with flair! The winners were-
Ms. Dominguez, our librarian
Ms. Thakkar
Ms. Truong (Dane's teacher!)
Mr. T
Ms. Solis
Ms. Rodriguez
And Bookfair Committee favorite-
Mr. Reyna
What fun and creative staff we have!

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