Sunday, November 13, 2011

Heart Walk

On October 1, 2011, our fabulous group of friends walked the Heart Walk in downtown Austin. We signed up last minute, after we saw Glen on TV promoting the event. You see, that is his job! Glen works for The American Heart Association and is in charge of the Heart Walk. Being the good friends that we are, we rallied to do the walk as a group.

The walk was a 3 mile walk for adults, kids, and pets. It started at 8am on the 1st Street Bridge. We all wore red, had little bits of flare and red "clappers."

We posed for a group pics just before the bridge. We gathered around a piece of "Cow Parade Art," for the pic below, which will be one of 74 cows auctioned off for charity.

Once on the bridge, we warmed up with the crowd.
Ed and Ellie checking out the sights.
Here is Glen, as MC, leading the events of the day!
And we are off.......
A photographer from the AHA took this shot of Dane and Michelle.
Lizzy and Andy.... and the other Andy!!
I tied a balloon on Andy so that people would have an eye level visual to know he was down there. The poor pup got stepped on once and that was once too much!
Nicki, Perry, and Kennedy
Rastafarian Clark
Another Cow Parade Art picture!
Look over our heads! It's a bird, it's a plane, NO! It's the green finish line!
We did it!!!!
We had a great time!

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