Friday, November 11, 2011

Halloween Night 2011

My favorite holiday of the year?? HALLOWEEN!

The inside of the house was decorated early in October because of Bunco. It was a massive undertaking! Luckily, Ed, Michelle and Lizzy helped out.

I love Halloween and have lots of great stuff to prove it! I have been asked many times by many folks where I keep it all. The answer is- everything, except the light-up pumpkins, go in the closet under the stairs. And you thought it was just for coats and jackets? Nope, that closet actually goes all the way back to the end of the staircase. The light-up pumpkins have their own shelves in the garage.

My favorite decorated room was--- ta daaa--- the guest bathroom! It was the first time I have gone all out in that room. It was so fabulous.... and a bit scary!

With lights on-
With lights off.
A guest bathroom surprise!
The entry way into the living room.
Makes me feel like Alfred Hitchcock has been there!
The hallway behind the living room
filled with bats and pictures of dead family members!
The buffet in the front room holds my black spooky village.
Dane comes in after it is set up and adds Lego accents of
Lego skeleton people, Lego spiders, Lego bats, etc.

Halloween fell on a Monday this year. We had some friends come over for dinner followed by trick-or-treating so we could get an early start and have the sugared up kids to bed at a reasonable time.

The cast of characters pose in our front yard.
Mason and friends trick-or-treated in Kenneth's neighborhood.
Kenneth, Bryan, Jacob, and Mason
Clark, Witchy, and Dane
Lizzy, Bailey, and Dana
Simon, Ian, and Vanessa
Clark and Jessica
Creepy Ian!
Proof that the Texas Rangers got a beating in the World Series!
Thanks for the reminder, Simon!
The front yard decor in the light of day.
All lit up in the spooky dark!

I sat on the front porch, under a black light, next to the animated witch, to hand out candy. If little kids were too scared to come to me, I would take the candy to them. It was fun to see all the costumes and all the reactions to the decor. Lots of adults took pictures of the graveyard with their phones. Four different groups of kids, not counting my own, posed in front of my 21 light-up pumpkins for pictures. So awesome! Made my day!! (As Shannon said, "Lisa lives for that!" Yep, I do!)

As we put the Halloween stuff back in boxes, (including new stuff I picked up during "after Halloween sales") and back in the closet under the stairs, Michelle said, "Lisa, there is no room for new stuff next year." I scoffed! "There is ALWAYS room for more Halloween stuff!!!"

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