Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dane goes to Legoland Florida!

Last Christmas, Santa brought the entire family season passes to the new Legoland Florida theme park in Winter Haven, Florida.  The park's grand opening was set for October 15, 2012, but we knew the wait would be worth it.

In August we received a Legoland flyer in the mail advertising a special Sneak Peek week for Legoland season pass holders before the park opened to the general public.  When Dane saw the flyer, he went nuts:  "We have to go, Dad!  We have to!"  And with that, our plans began to form.  He and I decided to take a special father-son trip all by ourselves to spend two awesome days together. 

Skipping through the boring parts, we arrived on Wednesday, Oct 12, 2011, to experience the magic of Legoland Florida.  Dane posed in front of the very colorful main gate.
A quick stop at the ticket window to pick up our permanent passes and then we were in!  Welcome to Miniland!  One of the first attractions in the park is a replica of many famous U.S. cities created entirely from Legos.
At Legoland, everything is made of Legos.  EVERYTHING!
Legoland has all kinds of nifty, interactive attractions.  Like the cars that Dane drove on mini-streets.  
And real boats with no tether, no track -- free floating so you can bang into the walls or race each other around the track!  Very cool.  
(Day 2 boat driving!)
Legoland also has awesome shows!  Like the Firefighter show, where the trainee firemen "put the wet stuff on the hot stuff!"  Even while you laugh at their antics, they are teaching you how to be safe around fires.  Dane loved it so much we saw this show both days.  Dane  laughed the hardest when the firemen start spraying the audience with water.  (Some of these pics are intermixed from both days.)
Who filled his fire hat with water when he wasn't looking?
That got a laugh out of Dane!
Uh-oh!  The firetruck is on fire!  What to do?  "Put the wet stuff on the hot stuff!"  But watch out!  That ladder might be tricky to maneuver!
Water sprays everywhere, but a few firemen run to hide -- behind Dane!
Naturally we had to get a picture with the cast the second time we saw the show.  
There's more than just shows, though.  There are water rides, roller coasters, and fun park rides.  Dane soon settled on a water ride that he declared to be his favorite of everything in the park.  He rode this ride nearly 20 times over the 2 days.  In fact, it was the very last ride we rode in the park.  You board a boat that is driven in a circle.  Turn the wheel and the boat darts out across the waves, giving you a good bounce and lots of splashes.  Turn the wheel back in the other direction and you whip in close.  Add to that the excitement of trying to dodge the water bombs that spectators are setting off from the sidelines.  You rarely come back dry from this ride.
Roller coasters.  Can't forget the roller coasters.  By the end, he was claiming the front seat as his own on the "Flight School" roller coaster.
An "I did it!" cheer!  Whoo-hoo!
A view from the "Dragon Coaster!"   First you pass through a colorful Lego maze, but watch out for the Dragon!  He's waiting for you.  Then you climb to the coaster's peak, and it's way you go!
Or "Coastersaurus," a wooden roller coaster that took Dane a little while to work up to.
That's not all the rides.  And we haven't even talked about the water-skiing Lego soldiers protecting the port from pirates!
There's so much to see and do at Legoland that I can't even begin to put it all into one blog. Like the Banyon tree!  
And the "Island in the Sky"!
Still didn't get to all the rides.  Like the Egyptian Bouncer, hunting through King Tut's tomb, the two-story carousel, the "Tech Track" coaster, and more.  The whole family is going back together soon, so I'm sure we'll add even more pictures soon!

All in all, it was a memory of a lifetime.  Each day was an exhausting whirlwind of fun!  
Worn out at the end of Day 1
Sweaty, tired boy at the end of Day 2

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