Sunday, November 13, 2011

Band Senior Night

Every year, the Hendrickson Hawk Band holds a "Senior Night" on the last home football game of the year. They recognize the seniors, and their dedication to the band program. One at a time, the seniors come forward to get a hug and letter from the director, followed by hugs and pictures with their family in attendance.

We were thrilled to have our whole family in attendance at Senior Night for Clark. Clark's girl friend, Jessica was there. We even had our fabulous friends show up to support and cheer for him from the stands. (Clark said, looking towards the people in the stands, "Where is the neighborhood?" Ha!)

The band comes marching in!
Clark waits for his name to be called next!
Mr. Gunderson goes in for the hand shake and hug of congratulations.
Clark marched for all 4 years of high school!
Then we go in for our hugs!
Our family pose.
After all the seniors had been recognized, they gathered for a senior group picture.
Awesome night for Seniors, Clark, and the Limbaugh family (and the neighborhood cheering section!)
Congratulations, Clark!!!

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