Friday, November 4, 2011

Bad Kitty

For the 2nd annual pumpkin character decorating contest for the HPES school library, Dane decided weeks in advance that he wanted to do the main character from the Bad Kitty series. Specifically, he wanted to create the cover of "Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty."

The Bad Kitty books are funny books about a sour puss of a cat and his adventures, written by Nick Bruel.

The week before, Dane wrote out a supply list for me. The hardest things to find were a round box (for the cake on which Bad Kitty sits) and pink clay (for the icing which ended up being blue when pink was not to be found).
Over the course of a few week nights, Dane and Ed worked to create Dane's vision of a pumpkin Bad Kitty. I was so amazed at the result! Super adorable and totally the Bad Kitty character!!

Check out the messy table, proof of the artistic creating that went on!

Here are pictures of other pumpkins created for the contest. You should note that there was no carving allowed just decorating. There are some really cute characters!
Dane won "Most Artistic" for 3rd to 5th graders. He was awarded a certificate, a Halloween goody bag, and a $5 gift certificate to spend at the upcoming Scholastic Book Fair.

Way to go, Dane and Bad Kitty!

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Ann said...

I love those Ideas. My kids loved them.