Friday, September 16, 2011

Senior Homecoming Mum

I have gotten so many blog hits with people looking for instructions on mum making or ideas for mums since I wrote two blog posts about mum making last year. With that in mind, I took more step-by-step picture this year, as I made Jessica's senior year mum!

Step 1-
Spray glitter spray paint to the mum.
This gives it some sparkle!
Step 2-
Paint the letter "J" for Jessica.
This is a special Styrofoam called "smoothfoam."
We cut it in half so it wouldn't be too heavy.
Add sparkly star stickers.
The "J" is then hot glued to the center of the mum.
Step 3-
Cut ribbon to make the cone shaped edges on one of the card board circles.
(The card board circles come 3 to a pack.)
I layered two colors for this look. The silver ribbon has texture.
Have lots of staples on hand!!
Continue stapling on cones until you have a complete circle.

Step 4-
Staple on the ribbons.
Cut them long!
There is no particular way but I prefer some symmetry.
Step 5-
Cut ends so you have a layered look.
Step 6-
Staple a looped piece of ribbon to the top.
This is where the mum gets pinned to the garment.
Step 7-
Hot glue mum to card board circle with the ribbon. Then hot glue the third card board circle to the back. This third circle keeps the garments from being ripped by the staples.

Step- 8
Add embellishments and bling!
I added stick on diamonds, star stickers, and music note stickers to solid plain ribbons and embellishments like a mini disco ball, a silver football charm, etc.

Step 9-
Stand back and enjoy your creative handy work!
Step 10-
Photograph the lucky girl who gets to wear the fabulous mum
and the boy that is behind it!
Happy homecoming Jessica and Clark!

My friend, Shannon, made a mum for the first time ever! She spent many hours in secret, at my house, working on it over the course of a few days. I am so proud of her first mum, I have to show a picture!
And best of all, she had a great time creating it!

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Shannon said...

It WAS waaaay more fun than I expected ;) So thankful you twisted my arm to get me involved!