Monday, August 15, 2011

Cousin Haley's Visit- Day 6

On the last day of Haley's visit, after she was packed, Uncle Ed was able to sneak in a few hours of play at the little Pflugerville Water Park.

Ed took the camera and was able to get a few shots. By the looks of it, the kids were swimming and playing, "dodge the camera." 24 out of the 30 pics are dodge shots!

Here are a few good ones.
Mason and Dane navigating the current pool.
Haley coming down the slide.
Mason coming down the slide.
Dane hits the water after coming down the slide.
Clark, Haley, and Dane under the waterfall.
Mason photo bombs!

After the water fun, it was time to load the suitcases in the van and head over to the airport.

Remember the smurf that Haley won at Fiesta Texas? Well, we ended up wrapping it in double black trash bags and duct taping it securely, hoping to send it as check in luggage. When we got to the check in counter, the guy helping us looked at the "package" and said, "Ummm, what is this?" Haley said, "It's my smurf." The guy paused for a hot minute and then said, "Well, I think this is my first time to ever check in a smurf!" That made us all laugh!

We were able to walk Haley to her gate and watch her get on the plane. But we couldn't let her leave without a loud Texas goodbye! So after the ticket taker took Haley's ticket and she took her first step onto the loading ramp, we all yelled out, "Bye, Haley!!" Everyone waiting behind her starting laughing! Haley kept on walking. She was probably happy to be get away from her crazy Texas relatives!!! :-)

We had a fun time showing Haley the highlights of Austin, Pflugerville, and Texas. We hope she will come back next summer- there is so much more to show her!!

And yes, (because I know you were wondering!) the giant smurf made it safely to Tennessee! Haley did, too!

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