Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cousin Haley's Visit- Day 5

On Saturday, we headed to downtown Austin with Haley and the Hushcka's.

First stop- Lone Star River Boat Cruise.
We boarded the boat for an hour long cruise down Lady Bird Lake. Man, was it hot! But, we found a bit of cool in the inside cabin. We could listen to the tour guide and still see everything out the windows.
We popped outside for a few minutes to hear the high pitched chatter of the famous Austin bats as we passed under the Congress Avenue Bridge. Second stop- The Hyatt.
No one can visit the Hyatt and not take a ride in the glass elevators! Look closely, you should recognize some people in the elevator picture below!
We made our way to the second floor restaurant called, The Southwest Bistro. They are known for their fajitas and ritas. When we arrived, they were closed and not due to open for 45 minutes. When a waiter saw us hanging at the entrance, he ushered us in anyway. So, in the picture below, you can see that we are the only people in the restaurant. Isn't that special?
Everyone ordered combo fajitas except Kennedy and Dane. While the beef was good, I think the chicken was the best! We couldn't leave without dessert! We ordered one giant brownie and ice cream bowl with 8 spoons. Besides the elevator, the escalator provided some more fun.
Going down? The Hyatt is a beautiful hotel. Here are two pictures of things in the hotel that were interesting to me, the ceiling of the Hyatt and some giant potted plants. From the back porch of the Hyatt, it was a short walk to the Congress Avenue Bridge and observation area for the famous Austin Bats! We did have to wait for almost an hour but that's okay. We wanted Haley to have the Austin Bat experience.

I gave Haley my camera to take some pictures of the bat information signs below. You can read all about the bats if you want!
The Austin bats are a big deal. Look at how many people were on the bridge and sitting in the observation area. It is that crowded with people every night!
Here come the bats!
See them against the sky line between the buildings?Up close!We were glad to get home to air conditioning and showers! Whew!

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