Monday, August 8, 2011

Cousin Haley's Visit- Day 4

On Friday morning, I met up with Haley, Mason, and Wayne at Cabella's in Buda. We did a quick "kid transfer" and then we turned around and went home.

Dane had to go to Art Camp so after we dropped him off, Haley and I went to Aaron's Brothers. There, she found a "make your own lip balm kit" and a "flip book kit." They were having a buy one get one for a penny deal so we got them both!

Back at the house, Haley got to work mixing her lip balms! They smelled yummy and were so silky smooth to the touch!

After dinner, we headed to the local skating rink with the Hushka's. I got on the floor and took tons of pictures! Here are my favorites-
Haley takes off around the rink.
I got a couple of good ones of her!
Zoom, there goes Dane!Kennedy had some help when she first got on the floor.
But it didn't take her long to get going on her own!
Mason spent most of the night trying to dodge the camera!
Like so....
But I finally got a good one of him!
I like this shot of Clark skating into the frame!
Clark gives Jessica a helping hand.
Dane "photo bombs" the next shot!
Uncle Ed gets in on the fun!
I can't tell if they are coming or going!!! Ha!
We ended the skating session on a high note- Icee's!

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