Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cousin Haley's Visit- Day 3

Another big summer deal in Texas is Schlitterbahn, in New Braunfels. It is touted as the #1 water park in the world! So on Thursday, Mason and Haley went to play at Schlitterbahn, thanks to Lally and Wayne.

Normally, I wouldn't have any pictures to show but Wayne works security at the water park. He happened to see Mason and Haley floating by. So, he took these shots with his phone!

After their fun day at Schlitterbahn, they ate dinner at CC's pizza, and then went back to Wayne and Lally's house to crash for the night.

Reportedly, Haley really enjoyed Schlitterbahn! So glad we were able to fit that in for her! Thanks, Lally and Wayne, for making that happen for the tweens!

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