Friday, August 5, 2011

Cousin Haley's Visit- Day 2

For a real taste of Texas fun, we drove down to San Antonio, on Wednesday, to take Haley to Six Flags Fiesta Texas! I took along my small camera and got some shots of what I could! (It is not always possible to get close to the big rides.)
Dane and Kennedy on the Wacky Wagons.

Haley coming off of the Wagon Wheel.Uncle Ed and Haley stumble to us after a spin on the Wagon Wheel.Dane, Kennedy, Ed, Haley, Nicki, & Sharky come around
the bend on the Gully Washer.They wave to the camera.Bam!! Mason and Clark water bomb them from the side!!Lunch!Haley, Dane, & Uncle Ed on the Whirlagig.Dane, Sharky, Kennedy, & Nicki coming down the
big hill on the Bugs Bunny White Water Rapids."Where did Sharky's ball cap go?"Haley won the "big prize" on her first throw at
the ball and cup game on the midway.
Dane then won a "medium prize" on the same game!But that's not all! We ended up with a bunch of kid winners!!!We introduced Haley to "Dippin' Dots." Yummy!Group shot with Daffy!Haley and Kennedy get ready to drive off on the Motorama Turnpike.Dane was right behind them.
The girls are cruising along!
Dane waves to the girls when they passed on the same loop.

It was a hot day but a fun day! We left the park around 7pm and drove to New Braunfels. Lally had hamburgers and hot dogs, plus sides, hot and ready when we got there. We all chowed down! It was delicious, and a nice way to end the day!

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