Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cousin Haley's Visit- Day 1

What a treat we had this summer! Cousin Haley, from Tennessee, came to visit for 6 days! We were all excited about having her hang out with her Texas family!

Haley landed in Texas on Tuesday morning. The boys and I picked her up and headed to the house. We got her settled in her room and had a bite to eat. Then she and Dane decided to do art. They ended up making paper bag puppets from one of Dane's art kits. Super cute!
After the art, all the kids played Jr. Monopoly together.
Around 6pm, we headed over to Jumpoline Park for some bouncing fun! Nicki and Kennedy, Ed, Kellie and Robin all met us there.
My action shots are terrible and out of focus! But I did get some group action and posed that aren't too bad.Kellie and Mason have known each other since they were babies! Even if they don't remember now, they hung out and played together as babies and toddlers! But now Kellie lives in West Texas. It just so happens that Kellie was in town to visit her Aunt, so it worked out beautifully that she could come jump with us!
After jumping for an hour, we said goodbye to Kellie and headed over to Gattiland. Haley can't come to Pflugerville and not get the Gattiland experience! Lots of pizza, lots of games, and bumper cars!

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