Monday, July 25, 2011


I can check something crazy off of my "Life's To Do List." Crazy and wild, really! I finally went to a roller derby match!! And I took my entire family along for the adventure!

We went with two other families to the Austin Convention Center to watch the Texecutioners vs. the Denver Roller Dolls.
But first, there was a warm up match between two rec teams,
The Police Officers vs. The Fire Fighters.

Followed by the unusual grouping of an small ensemble to
perform the Star Spangled Banner.
Get ready for this... The MC and cast of characters that entertained the crowd! They were also in charge of getting the crowd to chant, "Texas, Texas, Kill, Kill, Kill!!"
Finally, it was time for the pros to take the rink.
Both teams are nationally ranked team!
I was able to spend some time on the floor taking pictures. I got some decent shots but really, my camera is too slow to get crisp action shots!
The final score was the Texecutioners 117 to the Denver Roller Dolls 135. It was exciting once I figured out how the game was played. Well,..... kind of figured it out. There are penalties and signs that can stop the action before one even knows it is happening. Confusing? Yes! Exciting? Yes! We were all cheering for a big Texas come back!! In the end they didn't get there!

After the match, we went on the rink to get pics of the kids with some of the Texas Roller Girls!

Here is Kennedy with her poster girl, Molotov M. Pale!
Ian get a picture with her too!
Carly, Vanessa, and her cousin posed with Molotov M. Pale, too.

Clark cozies up with Smarty Pants and Luce Bandit!
Several kids posed with another Roller Girl, but I can't remember her name!

It was a fun night! The place was packed! CHECK!

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