Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Grapevine Sea Life Aquarium

We took a long weekend to go go play in Grapevine, Texas. Our first stop was at the Grapevine Mills Mall. We were specifically there to visit the new Sea Life Aquarium and the Lego Discovery Center.

Sea Life Aquarium was disappointing, despite the number of pictures below. For the price, it was just not enough! There were some nice displays and specimens, but over all it was too little. And despite having a reserved time to arrive, it was too crowded and loud to really relax and enjoy the displays. That is some thing they really need to get a handle on otherwise, what is the point of reserving your arrival time?

Anyway, here are some pics.

This is the Sting Ray section. You can look in from the bottom or go up on an over hang to look down (like Mason is doing). There is also a place to look through a bubble into the tank (like Dane is doing).

The guys prepare to go into the Shark tunnel. Sharks swim above, beside, and below you as you walk through the tunnel.
Dane makes it through the tunnel to a
big viewing window for shark watching.
Here it comes!
The boys check out a display for catfish and such.
Ed checks out the sea horse display.
Clark and Dane find a cool place to contemplate fish.
Okay, this picture made me laugh!
We liked it so much I photographed the sales screen AND
bought the photo from them!!
At least we can say we went!!

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